Roaming Crazy on Youtube

A little late (ahem) but finally Roaming Crazy has their own youtube channel.

Enjoy the fruits of this prolific Flux-adel Rock unit here:

No More Monkeys Jumping On My Bed


I loved this band, very strange indeed.  Two dudes with synths, sequencers, guitars, and occasionally a drummer. Gil Mantera played bass, synths, sang, and generally rocked one of the most awesome looks ever to hit the stage. His partner Ultimate …

R.I.P. Knuckles

One of the finest DJ’s ever, a guy who opened his own club to DJ his mix of music, called the Warehouse, which in turn helped birth the genre “House”. Genre games are stupid – this is top end dance …

Filler Music


The filler music on the mothership is ezraz.

That’s what i think of my latest compositions.

Fill’er up!


Through Being Cool

Bob Casale, guitarist and programmer for DEVO passed away yesterday. Here’s a tribute from his brother.

DEVO is one of the most important bands in history. They are not the easiest to listen to. They don’t have the largest …

She’s Got What You Need – The Witch & The Cult

Early dance-rock from The Cult, complete with shady 90’s heroin video. Most Cult records get better with age and they are one of my fave underrated bands. This song had a hard backbeat and a nice riff. I think it …


Enjoy a solo work of mine.


Then This Happened

1974 – Electronic Music was born. Music without music, or Moving without moving.

Like driving in a car on a highway.

Take a trip with the first masters of synthesized soul Kraftwerk.



German electronic band Kraftwerk performs with a 3D stage set during the 47th Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux

Available Now – Ezraz’ Pomoc

/Toot my own horn
You may know if you read this blog that I do spend plenty of time making music, sometimes with others, sometimes by myself.

Pomoc is of the solo variety and has 20 tracks worth of Ezrazical …

Introducing The Spiderbots

No they are not from Mars. Here’s an extended piece I have worked on for many years: Music for Spiderbots, in Three Parts. Na zdrowie!

One Of The Finest

Shuggie’s early 70’s work was so adventurous and well conceived it’s a model and an inspiration for most of my musical career. here’s one of my favorites: Pling!