Lecture: Quality Sound Matters

Stop listening to internet experts and listen to real experts. Here’s a panel of mastering engineers talking about quality sound and consumer trends. Interesting, informative and correct!

Bonus fun is that they invited a guy from streamer Rdio who has to defend 320k streaming in this room full of quality experts. I bet he’s聽the young one on the end looking exasperated 馃槈

Garden Goodness


MusiciansGarden.com is an amazing organization – teaching, preaching, and making聽music with people of all ages and skill levels. Every event they do is such an inspirational, fun, and unforgettable day.

They just put up a new website and are gearing up for some big events this year. Check it out and volunteer if you can.

Thankful & Thoughtful 2013 Edition

pieskowa_skala_ogrod_zamkowypieskowa_skala_ogrod_zamkowyI have many great people in my life. I try to keep it simple with my choices and surround myself with good people doing good things. I like people that enjoy the struggle and make it all worth it.


Krakow, Poland

This weekend has left me reflective, like most in the states, of what it is we are thankful for. I present to you one of my favorite pictures from 2013. It is an event where we made music with hundreds of kids, and presented hundreds of kids the opportunity to make music in a way that the traditional educational system cannot.

Mini Maker Faire 2013 by Musicians Garden
Mini Maker Faire 2013, a photo by聽Musicians Garden聽on Flickr.

The location is the Cleveland Public Library, the event is the Mini Maker Faire, the view is that of the “Musicians Garden” where people of all skill levels and ages jammed and enjoyed themselves with handmade music all day long. What a great year 2013 was!

Musicians Garden Growing Fast

We recorded and volunteered in the Musicians Garden booth at Ingenuity Fest 2013 this past weekend and had an amazing time. Once the weather cleared up Saturday evening the kids, the musicians, the people of the city came out and learned about MG’s mission while getting to experience it’s effects first hand. We literally had jams happening every few minutes with people of all ages and experience, and even found some time to give some first lessons to newbies.

MG posted some photos already, and since they tracked multiple spontaneous jams for a contest I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from the Ingenuity Fest experience soon.



Getting Ingenious This Weekend – Come See Us @ Ingenuity Fest 2013

Our partner company Musicians Garden <http://musiciansgarden.com> is presenting at the always interesting Ingenuity Fest <http://ingenuitycleveland.com>this weekend. The event is a celebration of technology, art, music, and creativity and will be held at the same location as last years festival – north of Cleveland Browns stadium, right on Lake Erie, at the former warehouses of the Port of Cleveland. Parking is available on-site, as well as at the Great Lakes Science Center, in front of the Rock Hall, and the west end of the football stadium. The event is free admission and will have food and drink vendors, including some of Cleveland’s finest food trucks.

The event is from Friday@5 until Sunday @5. The Musicians Garden booth will be stocked with musicians and instructors, and we will be having a contest to see which festival participant can compose and record the best song at the festival, using our musicians and Collinwood Sun’s recording gear! 聽The finished results will be put on the internet for voting, with the winner receiving free music lessons at Musicians Garden.

Come down and hang with the MG crew! 聽Our area will be located between the warehouses and the lake.聽Play an instrument, join a band, and sign up for some lessons for yourself or a child you love. There is nothing to compare with a music education, and Musicians Garden is modernizing the curriculum and pushing the envelope.

I like to say that Musicians Garden is the all-natural cure for ADHD.