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You may know if you read this blog that I do spend plenty of time making music, sometimes with others, sometimes by myself.

Pomoc is of the solo variety and has 20 tracks worth of Ezrazical experiences. Stylistically it ranges from neo-classical piano to electro dub reggae. It’s all ezraz some jaimeson a tiny bit of jesus and def all fluxadel.

Check it out in CD format (complete with artwork) or MP3 download and fan-up Ezraz on the Reverbnation profile.

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Ezraz Solo Tracks Released

Among all the other action in my artistic life this year I’m managing to release several instrumental pieces leaning towards the ambient or musique concrete genre. I’ve planned three releases in this order: EP, LP in symphony format, then LP in dub format.

  • The 1st EP License Punch Out! is being released now and the first track “Need” is streaming on JangoRadio here.
  • The 2nd release is far more ambitious, running as a full LP length in 3-movement symphony format, with the working title Spiderbots. This is complete and going to mastering soon, with a street date of around 10/1.
  • The 3rd release slows way down to explore the dynamics of dub and probably won’t make it out until early 2012.

These are not meant as a set, but together show a wide range of Ezraz’ composition and style without outside collaborative influences. You may hear these pieces in placements more than traditional music outlets since they are instrumental and eschew traditional song formatting.