The Snakefoot Is Funky

I don’t know what it is

but it sure is funky

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Time’s Up

The master Will Calhoun holding down the drum chair for Living Colour:

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Standing In Your Stuff

Yet another great live Zigaboo Modeliste jam:

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Man Doing Machine

This track was originally composed with a drum machine on overdrive. Great programming.

Look at this bad mother rocking it out on drums. Stick around for the end!

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Good Drummer, Bad Drummer



“She’s just keeping the beat.”  And?


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Lukewarm Chili Peppers

They do look alike — Will Ferrell and Chad Smith have a drum off, pretty funny:


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Why Play?

Here’s the reason to play an instrument. That’s joy, that’s fun, and that’s hard as shit to play.

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Kicking On The Floor Like A Junebug

To every bad cover band everywhere – do your thing, keep on keepin on!


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