You’ve Got To Give Them What They Came For


One of the baddest underground funk bands ever was SUN, live from Dayton, featuring a hint of all of the greats rolled into a sound all their own.

The vocals were amazing, the band was TIGHT, they could swing, they …

Friday Night Is Finally Here

Good floor warmer from Fat Larry’s Band to get you going again before new years.

Be Yourself with Cameo

Hard funk from Cameo, checking out the new thing called a music video. I have a concept – stand in a white room and pretend you are playing a gig. Wear your best 80’s gear, this is going to be …

We’ll Provide The Channels – Feel The Flow

More Dayton funk for ya, Sun is here!


So Shiny Back Then


Lasers too!

Only on WFNK, I present to you deep 80s-ness

with Boney M, that German funk weirdo

covering the classic pop-reggae hit “Dreadlock Holiday”

aka “I Don’t Like Cricket”

presented first by british rockers 10cc.

(or shiny costumes and …

Unsung Ohio Players

Through the magic of video production, a great overview of my favorite funk band of all time: