Are We Not Men?

We are D E V O

Filmed in northeast ohio, here’s early De-evolution doing that thing in 7/8


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Look At You With Your Mind Spinning

DevoShe’s just the girl u want.

De-evolution indeed.

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Through Being Cool

Bob Casale, guitarist and programmer for DEVO passed away yesterday. Here’s a tribute from his brother.

DEVO is one of the most important bands in history. They are not the easiest to listen to. They don’t have the largest … Read the rest

Pre-Weezer Devo Dream

There was Devo doing the teenage dream thing….

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Oil Disaster, Day 49

The first ever Northside Nights went off successfully Thursday night, complete with some hitches. ‘What did I miss’ you might wonder?

A random night of Cleveland music and culture, just pressing my ear to the track and spinning nothing but … Read the rest