This Election is 2MERICA – Donny and Ivanka Edition

?  Crazy times, friends.

Trump actually is a perfect movie bad guy. He’s got the TV history, he’s got the endless stories of narcissism and pure phoniness just dripping off him.

He also can comp you 4 days/3 nights in … Read the rest

February Horserace Update

The horserace is getting interesting now with Valentines Day around the corner. The Republicans are facing armegeddon, the Democrats facing deja-vu.


On the redneck side there’s donny wreaking havoc. He’s bullied his way to the front of the pack, … Read the rest

Killer Bern

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.08.43 AM

Rapper Killer Mike (Mike Render) invited senator and candidate Bernie Sanders to his barbershop for a frank discussion about America 2015. They recorded it and it provides a good look at who Sanders is and how his message resonates even … Read the rest

Pure Blue Goodness

Another reason I love Cleveland. Pure blue around here. Poor, hardworking people that have helped drive this country’s economy for years.

If you have evidence of voter fraud here it should be easy enough to find. Just contact a known … Read the rest

Paranoia Loses To Reality

So I took my free obama phone down to the local socialist party office to pick up my welfare check, and while standing in the long line with the other workers I was thinking about my lack of medical bills … Read the rest

Michelle Delivers

It’s election, I mean crazy time.

Haters abound these days. Disrespect runs rampant. Killing America’s #1 enemy, ending wars, giving people health care, giving women equal pay and rights … these things get ignored or lied away by a very … Read the rest

America Prevails

Supreme Court USA

The Supreme Court decided the ACA (Affordable Healthcare Act), or Obamacare as it’s been called (usually negatively), was in fact legal and constitutional, particularly the mandate that all citizens must be covered somewhere/somehow. To reach this ruling, the high court … Read the rest

We As A People Will Get There

It hasn’t been that long. Don’t forget.

2 wars. The al-Qaeda and Bin Laden boogieman.

No hope for healthcare or tax breaks for the folks. Anti-intellectual, anti-science screamers in charge.

I remember very clearly how scary it was for america.… Read the rest

Simplify If You Want, But Remain Accurate aka Obama Takes Out Osama

Of course we are all talking about, and adjusting to, the big news of the day.

66 years to the day the last boogie man got his, Obama ordered the strike that most americans have been waiting for.

I never … Read the rest