Stool Pigeon

Ha cha cha cha!

Let’s go back to 1982 for some live fun with Kid Creole & The Coconuts


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The Music That You’re Dancing To

You disarm me.

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African funk from 1979:

Funk from the desert. Nice.

This is part of the epic playlist

Planet Earth Funking For Ages: Presents A Whole World Of Funk

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Get On Up

Out fuckin standing. Mashup audio+video

with James Brown, Led Zep, Aerosmith, Run DMC, just straight up funky

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Busy Earnin’

12 million views and counting, great song, don’t sleep!

Keep the funk flowing all day and all night all around the world

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Random Access Memories

One of the best album of the last couple of years is Daft Punk’s glorious Random Access Memories. Lush, dynamic, analog, modern retro are some of the terms used to describe this piece of funk.

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R.I.P. Knuckles

One of the finest DJ’s ever, a guy who opened his own club to DJ his mix of music, called the Warehouse, which in turn helped birth the genre “House”.

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She’s Got What You Need – The Witch & The Cult

Early dance-rock from The Cult, complete with shady 90’s heroin video. Most Cult records get better with age and they are one of my fave underrated bands. This song had a hard backbeat and a nice riff. I think it … Read the rest

I Miss This – ELO – Showdown Soul Train Mashup

Outstanding. Thank you Jeff Lynne.

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The Computer Age by Newcleus

vintage 1982 stylee!
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So Shiny Back Then


Lasers too!

Only on WFNK, I present to you deep 80s-ness

with Boney M, that German funk weirdo

covering the classic pop-reggae hit “Dreadlock Holiday”

aka “I Don’t Like Cricket”

presented first by british rockers 10cc.

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A Rollerskating Jam (not named Saturday)

It’s only Wednesday but it’s 61 degress and sunny on the Northside of 2MERICA, so it’s time for some rollerskating!


Check the moves on this video for our song Male Performance Issues.

I’m off to buy some new wheels
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