Trump’s Deflection Shows More Weakness

This is a sad, flailing man. Even his supporters have taken to full flights of fantasy to justify his actions. If you aren’t on his payroll you see the man is a total buffoon.

His latest mouth poop claims that then-president Obama wire-tapped the poor donny in one of his trump towers.

I think Obama could sue him for libel but won’t. Get in line if you are suing Donald Trump, right?

Vegas has decided he won’t make it past his first year as President. Just too crazy to maintain. SOOOO many lies.

Hard to keep track. Hard to swat all the racist doucebags online. Hard to make sense of reality in TRUMPland™.

I wonder if I’ll qualify for TRUMPCare™

The Trump Tapes

re: Trump Tapes

aka on a bus with that Bush cousin
aka talking shit about women and getting caught
aka admitting assault



I’ve been a part of plenty of locker room talk.

I have verbally piggish friends. I can blast off from my big mouth from time to time. I’m not the PC-police, especially about private conversations. Say it and mean it, or make sure people know you are joking.

But Don Trump was admitting and bragging about sexual assault.

That doesn’t happen every day. In fact never in my lifetime of shooting the shit with a variety of male characters, in many states of the country (and mind)…. listening to late night brags, breakdowns, and divorces…. I’ve been there.

Yet never has any man told me that he grabbed a pussy without invitation.


Another unhappy co-worker: She sued Trump for harrassment

Of course us males often think of the female body as a happy place, a concept, a thing, something we are going to go out and get, even collect. Especially when we are single or young and sexy and full of our oats.

Dark times and dark humor leave us thinking about the same body as a trap or a trick.

But no sane guy brags about taking it whether the woman agrees or not.

That’s a major red flag.


He’s admitting it

I mean honestly! I’ve chopped it up with countless guys, analyzing the tantalizing propositions of how/when/where to bed a woman. Yet not one of them explained to me how they take the pussy, how they kiss without invitation.

Trump is a Predator.

In many areas of his life, this is admired. Are we to admire his sex attacks also?  If you are an alpha human does that afford you rape privileges?


For real?  So much fakery. Hollywood can’t even make this shit up.

When the Trump tapes appeared I sighed.  I was sort of happy for our country, immediately picturing President Hillary and angry fat Trump supporters still wearing their hats, but also it forced me to face up to the locker room defense.

C’mon guys, Trump says, you know you do it!  Or maybe you are a girlyman – a pussy – yourself?

That’s what I’m saying!!  We do indeed do it, many of us, especially certain types and ages.

We talk about women and their body parts in all sorts of mythical and mysterious ways. We say things that would disqualify us from the presidency – and many relationships – if ever aired. We brag about what we did to a female because she really wanted it.

C’mon guys, Trump says, you know you do it!  Or maybe you are a girlyman – a pussy – yourself?

That’s why it’s private guy talk and it deserves a place in our lives.

Don talking privately about hot women or his appetite for them isn’t disqualifying stuff, not to me. Totally different level than bragging about assault.

Let’s also acknowledge the classiness that his 3rd wife was home pregnant at the moment that tape was made.


The gun to Don’s head – now that would be a picture

In summary, someone boasting about assault is one of those things you don’t forget when and where it was said.

You probably follow-up. You might consider making a few phone calls or texts to see if the person is indeed a sexual predator.

This is why this is serious, whether he wins or not. Trump has all the makings of a serious sexual predator.

He has a teenage rape case pending. His modeling agency grants work visas to desperate young eastern european girls trying to get to america as models. He has 10+ women out there with detailed reports of being harassed, humiliated, and threatened when they turned down his advances.

Many have said they believe there to be many more because of his nonchalance when violating them.

This guy can’t even resist himself when talking about his daughters. This is one sick dude. Total degenerate.

He boasted on camera to a TV host when his oldest daughter was a baby (!!) that she will have a good rack (actually, he did the hand gesture for big tits) as inherited from her mother, sitting there smiling.

Don thought this was really funny, and he laughs at all of his own jokes. They are the funniest and the most fabulous jokes ever said. Can I get comped at a Trump Resort already?

The hidden Trump daughter, from wife #2. Daddy’s been hitting on her since she was a baby.

The other daughter has posed for several creepy photos with her very grabby daddy. He likes to talk about how hot she is, and has even boasted that if it wasn’t his daughter he would be dating her.

Let that sink in, its never to late to be grossed out. The ultimate fail level of narcissism is wanting to fuck your own offspring.


Yuk.  Makes sense the world’s biggest ego would need to fuck the female him.

I guess there’s a silver lining –

I have a hunch that he’s more buffoon than slick rapist but either way it’s creepy thinking that could be involved in our politics.  Thanks religious right, thanks anti-corporate tea partiers, you really know your stuff.

Also Hillary is just the woman to defeat this cretan.

The next few weeks should be an amazing flame out as Breitbart rides the flaming TRUMPTrain right into the RNC headquarters.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.35.06 AM


All Lives Matter, and White Cops Abusing Black Men Usually Get Away With It

Have fun with your phrases  — Black Lives Matter was started to address police brutality against black americans.

If you make it about more than that you are a racist.

If you won’t talk about the core issue of the group and instead use it to attack and hate, that’s what you are.


Tamir Rice, 12, was murdered by Cleveland Police while playing with a plastic gun. The neighbor who called 9-1-1 even reported it was "a kid with a toy". Police shot first - a fatal shot in the chest at point blank range - then determined it was indeed a kid with a plastic gun.

Tamir Rice, 12, was murdered by Cleveland Police while playing with a plastic gun. The neighbor who called 9-1-1 even reported it as “a kid playing with a toy, maybe scaring some people”. But Police arrived and shot first – a fatal shot in the chest at point blank range – then determined it was indeed a kid with a plastic gun. Neither cop has been charged to this point.

This is the kind of case that gave force to the BLM movement.

The nut that started shooting at a crowd of cops in Dallas is a murderer, but not a surprise. I don’t think people are going to take much more of the lawlessness from the cops before they fire back.  If a cop hurt a member of my family you might end up calling me a killer too.

About Uber

I like progress. I like convenience. I like affordable services. I like apps. I like technology when it is used to take some of the toil out of life.

With that said, I should like the Uber ride sharing service. I might if I travelled more, but in the last couple of years my job has not required much travel and when I do it’s with family or around town in my own car. So I have been watching the debate as an interested observer, not a regular user.

I have many friends who love Uber. One comment perceived as negative will evoke their full-throated defense of the service and every driver they’ve ever had.

“Works good”
“quick and affordable”
“cool, modern”
“you never know who you’ll meet!”
“way better than taxi’s”

These are some of the things I’ve been told. I don’t dispute any of that. But it’s not the whole picture. Laws are in place for when things go wrong.


When Uber goes wrong. Who’s liable again?



How does Uber get there so fast and charge so little? By ignoring the rules/laws that other companies have to play by.

If you need a ride from point A to B and you are not at an airport or train station where cab’s congregate, a Taxi company has to schedule a trained, licensed cab driver in a cab (livery vehicle) to get to point A. The cab usually takes 10-30 minutes to get to you. Your trip is usually metered by time, the price somewhere in the $1-$3 per minute range.

If a Taxi company has 50 cabs working the city at any moment, Uber might have 200 private drivers reporting from their app. That’s the secret to their timeliness.

The taxi vehicle is used all day and night to transport riders and their bags. The taxi driver has been trained in operation of the vehicle and customer service, particularly how to deal with unruly customers.

There are safety mechanisms in place for both the driver and the passenger. The driver probably clocked in, has a dispatcher, and received a full-life background check including fingerprints in order to get hired. The driver has applied and received a special license from the state. The driver is in constant contact with a human at dispatch and usually has relationships with co-workers.

The taxi vehicle is insured and serviced as a livery vehicle. The company is insured as a livery service. Liability is with the company should anything go wrong on that ride.

[not including musical choice, accent, oder, or headwear of the driver]


Something went very wrong with an Uber ride in Kalamazoo, Michigan this weekend. For no obvious reason, the white guy driver went on a killing spree while driving his car for Uber.

I won’t say he worked for Uber because he really didn’t. Just like all of them, he was a private contractor that applied online, passed a very flimsy background check, took on the liability, and started picking up strangers in his personal car, under his personal auto insurance.  That’s how Uber works.

So many things happened in Kalamazoo that would not have happened if he were a crazed Taxi driver. For one, he continued to pick up Uber riders during his killing spree.

His first passenger of the night, a single guy, jumped out of the car halfway to his destination, ran, and dialed 9-1-1 after the driver ran stop signs, drove over medians, sideswiped a car and received personal phones calls that irritated him. The passenger ran to his girlfriend’s house and tried contacting Uber through the app. All he could do was fill out a form and report “erratic driving”. His girlfriend posted a warning to Facebook.

The 911 operator filed the report as ‘erratic driving, Uber’ and since the caller was safe – ended the call. The cops had nothing to go on.

The police called him back 2 hours later, after several more murders had occurred, perhaps because there was no dispatcher to contact, no taxi number to track, and no Uber representative assisting law enforcement like a Taxi company would. Uber took no action, claiming “there’s millions of riders a day, we can’t immediately respond to every bad driver complaint.”

The witness provided information to the cops but it didn’t help much because the driver stopped home, switched cars, and kept his Uber app going for more riders.

Another fare was a family of 4 that had already heard rumors of shootings that night, so instead of walking home they took an Uber the 1-mile distance in order to feel safer. The father, sitting in the front seat, asked the driver directly if he had heard about the shootings and if he was the shooter (!?!). Flustered, the driver said no, mumbled small talk, and dropped them safely. He then continued getting Uber riders through his app and killed others.



Random crazies aren’t Uber’s fault. But they also aren’t Uber’s responsibility according to their fine print.

Now that murders are occurring while on-duty, we shall see if the drivers personal car insurance, or Uber’s corporate ownership, pays the victim’s families accordingly. I suspect not. Insurance companies could put an end to ride sharing services.

Get your own damn ride, don’t you have 100’s of Facebook friends?

Uber’s driver background check (if they do it at all) uses SS#, Name and License# and only goes back 7 years. If you did something horrible before 2009 you can still drive for Uber. If you can borrow (or forge), scan, and email some basic documents you can drive for Uber. There is no fingerprint, there is no full history check, there is no in-person meeting, there are no co-workers.

Doing full background checks and offering proper livery insurance would drive up Uber rates and reduce their driver count drastically. This would make Uber similar to taxi companies without the safety or piece of mind.

Their business plan has lots of holes in it.

Progress is great, but cheating in the hopes of nothing ever going wrong is not progress.

Re-Watch Cosby?

Fascinating article and comments by someone who recently re-watched the iconic 80’s sitcom and came away very conflicted.

I have yet to see a Cosby show post-allegations. I may try the experiment and see if I can still enjoy it. There are other reasons to watch, ya know.




I know I can still enjoy Ike Turner’s work, but images of a beaten Tina do pop up eventually and bother the happiness of the moment. I guess I don’t linger on Ike’s work, I’m usually there listening to Tina so it’s not exactly the same. I can’t think of other artists that have had their personal life get in the way.

OK maybe 1 – I don’t and wouldn’t listen to Charlie Manson’s music, and I thought it was distasteful that Guns ‘N Roses covered one of his songs.

Artists are complicated people and when you find out they are in some way criminal it doesn’t immediately invalidate their work. But it can, in the end, spoil their magic because you can’t un-know something .


Travesty Of Justice

True story: 12 year old kid gets a toy gun from the dollar store.




He runs up his street to a small park and pretends he’s shooting various things. Plays with his toy.

A man on a bench sees this and dials 9-1-1. He tells the operator that a kid is playing with a toy gun and he’s worried that someone will think it’s real.

The operator alerts the police. The guy goes home. The kid stays there playing in the snow.

The police show up driving into the park, think it’s real, and shoot the 12 year old dead in under 2 seconds.

They literally pulled up and shot him dead before he could even show his hands, or the gun, or his face, or anything. Turns out the operator didn’t tell the cops it was a kid, and they didn’t assume it could be.


Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 3.10.05 PM


Because you know, it’s Cleveland, it’s a black guy, and he’s clearly got a gun. Shoot first is what a lot of the white cops do these days.

Who was the cop? The shooter was a rookie white guy who failed out of the suburban police squad then was hired in one of Cleveland’s violent areas, reportedly looking for more action. He got it. And guess what else he just got?

Even more true: a jury in Cleveland just decided against even charging the cop.

How Not To Be A Corporate Pitchman

Ouch, Jared, we loved you so much! If we could eat our meatball subs and stay get skinny anything was possible!


I’m in Sharknado 3 and I pay 14 year old girls for sex!

You dirty bastard. Prosecutors claim you found out the president of your foundation (to fight childhood obesity) was banging a 14 year old girl. That is not listed as an exercise to fight childhood obesity.

Instead of firing him, punching him, and calling the police you watched hidden-camera sex videos he had of the girl. High five! This was 2011.

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Nice Look, Texas – The Tale of The Tittywing Massacre

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.53.42 AM

Love hooters? We’ll give you a peak!

Thousands of bikers. Hundreds of bimbos making money serving wings and other deep-fried chunks of food-like substance and alcohol to fat people. What could go wrong?


World’s worst daughter: Cans like that and she’s only made it to server-level whore?  btw My breastaurant will feature celery sticking out of the cleveage. Flair!

For $100 extra your “waitress” will apply the “bar-B-que” sauce with her “uniform” and sing you a little “song” about what a hot piece of man you are. Lunchtime!

Seemingly not a vitamin or a brain-cell amongst them. Bad music, leather, fake tits, pollution, total american ignorance in it’s full glory. Management was warned that there was going to be a biker war at their Bike Night event and they wouldn’t cancel/reschedule/work to avoid the situation. Money was there to be made.


You might need to shoot this guy 9 times to even get through to a functioning organ.


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.53.53 AM

Derp. “All these bikers started fighting like they always say they are gonna. I was so scared! I knew they wouldn’t save me over the skinny girls so I hid in the cooler. OK, they always make me hide in the cooler.”

Take a look at pictures: nothing but fat people, convicts, bimbos, morons, harleys, cops, and weapons everywhere. Sometimes in America it feels like that’s all we are surrounded by.

I just need some, tobacco, jerky and a 84oz soda, can I get to the Flying J?

“I just got some chew, jerky and another 84oz soda, why can’t I leave the Flying J, soldier looking policeman?”

No surprise Texas coined the term “breastaurant” and that these fine establishments proliferate in Texas and Florida. Also no surprise these shitheads would congregate in such a horrible place to do their deeds.

Cannonball Run didn't have cops with Machine Guns

Cannonball Run didn’t have cops with machine guns

The worst is some of the interviews with bystanders and other bikers — no emotion, no concern, just blank stares.  Meth is a hell of a drug.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.55.13 AM

I wish I could include the video of this guy’s description of the massacre. Just another day in what must be a terrible life. Allow me to paraphrase: “I was gonna go to that restaurant but someone told me people were dead everywhere. Gotta go to another restaurant now.”

I have known some bikers over the years, more the weekend variety than the convict type, and I have family and friends that identify with that community going back decades. I believe that 99% of them are good people that just want to be left alone to enjoy life, just like young black males and other persecuted groups in this country.

But these criminals at the Tittywing Sit-down proudly wore the “1%” patch announcing they were outlaws, and the one gang proudly wore what equalled a declaration of war on their jackets, so I think the ATF and Texas State Police should swoop in and arrest a couple hundred more of them. Sell those bikes & build some playgrounds for the kids.

Maybe try out some of that waterboarding on these guys, find out who’s bringing all the heroin and meth to the teenagers. You’d probably find out why we aren’t trying to stop that either.


Here’s how cops approach a white suspect at the scene of multiple murder scene. Notice the finger on the trigger. Notice the gun pointed down, not shooting first and then claiming to see a gun in his hoody, like other types when approached by the average cop. It’s cropped out, but this T-shirt guy had a handgun holstered too.

It’s very interesting the different response to 9 murders in broad daylight, in front of cops, when it is performed by white americans as opposed to non-whites. The media is also playing this completely differently, no big surprise.

There have been no national guard, no curfews, no talk of bad parenting or bad musical taste. I bet Hannity spent 2 minutes on it and blamed a single crazed individual for starting all the trouble. Or Obama.

Here’s a view of some of our criminals. Don’t stare too close or they might get you. I do wonder if you become evil when given a face like that, or if they start cute and over the years the evil, meth, and corn syrup warp their faces into that horror show.

Hey handsome!

Hey handsome! Hitler himself would have been embarrassed about all the SS tattoos on these degenerates.