Battle of Tributation

Stevie Wonder is a monster musical genius, capable of perfection at every angle. Tribute shows are the big thing now, and I’m not complaining. Anytime someone can throw down the cash needed to properly work these songs up and make … Read the rest

Water Works

Witness the awesome power of music. Tissue please.

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Lots of Pieces

A jazz big band, a rock drummer, and an old funk song – lots going on in this clip and it’s pretty cool – Phil Collins’ Big Band doing a huge version of Pick Up The Pieces.

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Outstanding Ms. Hill

OK this clip has everything I love about clips:

great singing,
great song,
great band,
great cover,
great genre mashup,
great drumming,
great bass face,
great backup singers,
great backup singer fashion,
great in-song monitor mix fixing,
great guitarist ending … Read the rest

Reverse Images Of Classic Album Covers

Ever wonder what an album cover might look like if seen from the back?

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Crate Digging – The Dells Cover Ain’t No Sunshine

I’ve been buying more vinyl lately and also reorganizing my own collection, so I’ve decided in 2013 to use for some crate digging finds.

I picked this up the other night, what a killer cover:

Support whatever is left … Read the rest

Super Stupid Cover – Audioslave Live in the Studio

Witness Audioslave (Rage Against The Machine with Chris Cornell) plow through the Funkadelic classic:

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Get Better Marcus

Monster bassist Marcus Miller and members of his travelling party were recently injured when their bus crashed in the Swiss Alps, killing the driver. Here’s the details.

Here’s Marcus and crew in better times, doing their do.

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