Hack Attack Underway

Hand is not ball!

Our little site here is currently under attack from Russian hack-bots so I’ve started to take defensive measures. I’ve had to wipe out all user accounts and some of the various redirects that have built up … Read the rest

Computer Shoes Zap You With Feedback

There have been shoe computers before. Since the early 1980’s people have been shoving embedded computers of some sort into their shoes for mileage and step tracking. Apple & Nike have been doing this for 15 years too.

Now, started … Read the rest

R.I.P. The Father Of The PC

Missed this one over the holiday, but on July 3rd, Douglas Engelbart died at the digital sounding age of 88. He was not a household name, but amongst PC history geeks he’s about as important as they come. By 1968 … Read the rest

Pippin 1996 Time Machine

17 years ago Apple tried to combine a computer and a video game for the living room. It sold nearly 0 copies although it was an interesting attempt. Check out the early tour of the machine:

Check out the full … Read the rest

Does It Talk?

The new Mac Pro has been teased. It’s been nearly 10 years since they’ve come out with a new case for their most powerful workstation, and they didn’t disappoint with the design elements on this one. Whether this spinning cylinder … Read the rest

World?s Oldest Digital Computer Resurrected

“The Witch” is back.?‘The Witch?: World?s Oldest Digital Computer Resurrected.

I think this video story misses some key historical points. In the late 1930’s you probably know there was some serious war action popping off. Germany and Japan … Read the rest

Avid, Akai, M-Audio Oh My!

Avid software started in video editing in the early 90’s, then bought Digidesign (makers of Pro-Tools professional audio) as well as M-Audio (consumer audio) and for the last few years has been one of the biggest A/V hardware and software … Read the rest

Replacement Theory


I’ve never been clear on the difference in “replace” and “displace”, I just know that tablets are the future and people who degrade them as faddish or toys are in denial. I type this before hitting the dictionary to see….… Read the rest

8 Bit Goodness

I present the first computer I purchased (and still a favorite of mine)…

The 8 bit goodness of the Atari 130xe.

Commodore people were everywhere back then (like Windows now), waiting 23 minutes to load a game, but my Atari … Read the rest

Tech Titans

Market speak for computer companies during my geek-life:

My first glance:

IBM = titans, Microsoft = nerds, Apple = hippies, Atari = artists

My High school years:

IBM = clumsy old titans, Microsoft = business nerds, Apple = misguided hippies … Read the rest

More Than Lip Service

Here’s Steve Jobs demoing his NeXT Computer running the OS NextStep from the early 90’s. He calls it “Interpersonal Computing”.

What’s amazing to me is how 20 years on most of this demo holds up. There are things the NextStep … Read the rest