Invisible Biking

You will not regret clicking that link. Photoshop fun time!

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Summer Mess Roundup

Jon Stewart sums up the mess-o-potamia summer news quite nicely:

Best of Farva

Makes my list for one of the funniest flix ever, and Farva steals every scene he’s in, awesome:

Starring Kevin Heffernan as Officer Rod Farva

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Lukewarm Chili Peppers

They do look alike — Will Ferrell and Chad Smith have a drum off, pretty funny:


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Winning The Late Night Wars


Good write up on the soon to be retiring David Letterman: the rest

Flip The Lip

Funny stuff, fun with video effects:

K-Strass and A Lack Of Muscle Memory

Hahaha pranking the news is excellent!

This guy, one of the founders of the Found Footage Festival (a mashup of the worst of unintentionally-bad found video), decided he was bored with promoting the festival on morning shows, so he decided … Read the rest

Comedy Genius RIP

Sad, another movie star favorite passes on.

Harold Ramis, too funny, so funny, you will be missed.

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Forget The Sugar Packets

Conan picking on the interns, funny.

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George Loves Cookies Cookies

Great episode of The Cleveland Show where Cleveland’s mother Cookie, fed up with years of neglect from her husband, takes off with George Clinton – first aboard the mothership, then aboard the tour bus. She goes 20 rounds with George … Read the rest

Another Merman Sighting

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Damn That’s Funny – PE With Coach Wiener


For Work Use Only

I’m Not An Asshole, I Just Have An Asshole Face

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Sly Stone & Richard Pryor Live


It’s like the Jimmy Fallon show from 1974. 2 legends bustin balls

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The Pantastic Super Pan Is So Quiet

Twisted Mr. Show fun.

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Truth Stranger Than Fiction

Check out this comedy skit from the 90’s. Then google “blow up the moon” and read up about the actual plan.

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The Jumbo Balls of George Carlin



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