What’s Wrong With The Music Biz? Cody ChesnuTT Edition

Here’s a glimpse into the current state of the US music business – this guy gets no radio airplay and no mainstream attention, even when pushing an amazing new record. Damn shame.

Urban radio where are you? Rock radio where are you? Pop radio where are you? Easy Listening even? As usual, ignoring real new talent and playing songs for the lowest common denominator between mostly commercials.

I can’t wait until the FCC gets restructured and the existing FM bandwidth gets re-allocated away from this babbling crap that is commercial radio in the USA. One can hope.

Anywho – Enjoy Cody doing most of his new album “Landing On A Hundred” solo…



What Kind of Cool Will We Think Of Next

Best funk soul rhythm blues rock record out this year:

Landing On A Hundred
by Cody ChesnuTT

It was worth waiting 10 years for the follow-up to The Headphone Masterpiece. This one was definitely not made in Cody’s bedroom. Great material, great production, best album in years.

Get it in digital hi-res at HD Tracks or wherever you like to purchase music. This is independent greatness so no bootlegging this one jack.

No Turning Back With Cody ChesnuTT

Since I don’t really pay attention to anyone’s social media noise I know I miss stuff, but you know, I usually find it in good time.

From last summer, here’s a great peak into the Okayplayer studios with Cody Chesnutt noodling around with a new song.

I am waiting for Pono to come out so I can start buying records again. I feel like I’ve paid for my last mp3 or mp4, I just can’t justify spending money on the poor quality audio files. This new Cody and the new Bowie coming out could be the first ones I buy in High-Res digital.


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