The Day America Left

The future is about natural resources, just like the past.

Most wars and population shifts are due to natural resources.  History is shaped around them.

I learned this in grade school.

Oil is still king. It makes plastics, lubes, and … Read the rest

Watching Incorrect News Makes You Ignorant. Imagine That.


Faux science from Fox news causes general scientific ignorance. This has been obvious to me but now we have data to back it up.

I’ve posted this before but it bears screaming digitally:

Global warming/climate change is not equivalent to Read the rest

Your Daily Forecast

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how stupid some people are. I try to stay humble and self-deprecating.

I know i’m flawed.

This internet, these blogs, this youtube, these bookmarks are supposed to make us more informed.More educational materials are available … Read the rest