Shocking Innocence

Yet another great song from the debut record from The Cars:

The Cars are such an underrated band. Band leaders Richard Otcasek and Benjamin Orzechowski met when Benjamin was the bandleader on a Cleveland TV rock show that Richard watched.

They played together several times in different unsigned bands around Cleveland, Columbus, New York, Michigan and Rhode Island in the 60’s and early 70’s.

They even got signed in 1972 as a folk trio out of Boston (along with Jas Goodkind) as ‘Milkwood’ and put out a record full of hippie jamming the likes of CSN&Y and The Moody Blues!

But as cool as it was it failed to chart and they went back the drawing board. Ben Orr moved to Boston and Ric Ocasek headed back to Cleveland.

At some point Richard Otcasek and Benjamin Orzechowski became Ric Ocasek and Ben Orr. Orr called Ocasek and invited him out to Boston bragging about the music scene.

They performed early versions of Cars songs as an acoustic duo, then as Cap’n Swing, and by 1976 Greg Hawkes and Elliot Easton were added to the lineup and The Cars were launched.

In 1977 their demo Just What I Needed was the number one requested song on Boston rock radio, and by the end of the year they were signed to Elektra Records. Their debut record was released early 1978.

At last count, The Cars have sold over 23 million albums worldwide.




5 Reasons Cavs Fans Shouldn’t Freak Out

Sluggish regular season. Poor defense. Mixed and unmatched rotations with all new faces. Veteran legs. 2nd seed. Is the hunger gone?

Don’t worry Cavalier fans. There is still a lot to like about this season. It should end with a 3rd straight trip to The Finals so what’s not to like?  Here’s why we need to believe in the Cleve again this year:

  1. Lebron James. This proud papa of two is managing to put up the best stats of his already amazing career, after going to the finals for what, something like 7 straight seasons?  He just makes the rest of us look bad. Do not fear, Cleveland, when you have The King looking for Another Ring. 
  2. Full health means soon-to-be stable rotations. This team really hasn’t been complete all year, just like the previous two years. Each of the previous Finals runs included new personnel at the midway point, late struggles with defense, coaching questions, and unhappy Lebron memes. This year it’s been JR, Kev, and Kyle down for extended periods, with new blood in the form of Korver, Deron Williams, and Derrick Williams. Nothing has finalized and they have 2.5 weeks to come together before the playoffs. They also use the first round as a nice tune-up, so don’t fret the rust and confusion.
  3. Playoff Defense. This is a team of veterans, hand-picked for their shots, their professionalism, and their hunger for titles. Nothing less than the trophy is expected when you have the highest payroll and the biggest force on the court. Professionalism = playoff defense, and the Cavs will be drastically ratcheting up the defense. They’ve been coasting on that end because the regular season games barely matter. They’ve held 1st place all year and still might coast into the 1st seed. 
  4. Uncle Drew. Lebron is a force and a very efficient player, but Kyrie is magic. The 1-2 combo of power and speed. No one can stop Kyrie’s offense. No one can slow him down but himself. An occasional off-night does not cover up the fact that he is the single most un-guardable player in the game. He also likes to one-up Steph Curry, which is a serious chip come June.
  5. Lebron James. Did we mention 26 pts, 8.4 rebounds, 8.8 assists a night on a team this stocked with talent? He’s right up there with Harden and Westbrook for MVP this year. Lebron wants to be over .500 in The Finals, so the hunger will be located and utilized.

Buckle up Cleveland fans! It’s always the toughest to repeat, something we know very little about but are about to find out.

Used to being underdogs, it seems the world champs are finding themselves up against the odds yet again. Here’s to playoff basketball!


Ohio Fungk Is Where It’s At

The baddest playlist around….. All OHIO, All FUNGK, ALL ON THE ONE

Ohio Players, Sun, Slave, Bootsy, Heatwave, Dayton, The Isley’s, Junie Morrison, Zapp, Aurra, Faze-O,  Lakeside, Overnight Low, Dazz Band…. if it came from Ohio we will play it.

Give in to the addiction that is youtube…. give in with Pure Ohio Fungk!


Convention Trainwreck



It’s a favorite tactic of THE DON.

Like a 5 year old caught breaking the rules, THE DON has to lie.

Like a 5 year old asked why he broke the rules, THE DON has to lie about a lie. Then avoid, then insult. And keep on lying no matter what.

Since THE DON is actually 70 years old, not 5, he should have grown out of this behavior a long time ago.

But he didn’t, so he’s a sociopath. [Some of us think he’s a psychopath, but I guess sociopath describes him as well.]

Check out this trailer for a movie being worked on, made by Republicans, about THE DON phenomena:


Remember – THE DON is 70 years old, acting like a 5 year old. That’s what that silver spoon can do to you.


All Lives Matter, and White Cops Abusing Black Men Usually Get Away With It

Have fun with your phrases  — Black Lives Matter was started to address police brutality against black americans.

If you make it about more than that you are a racist.

If you won’t talk about the core issue of the group and instead use it to attack and hate, that’s what you are.


Tamir Rice, 12, was murdered by Cleveland Police while playing with a plastic gun. The neighbor who called 9-1-1 even reported it was "a kid with a toy". Police shot first - a fatal shot in the chest at point blank range - then determined it was indeed a kid with a plastic gun.

Tamir Rice, 12, was murdered by Cleveland Police while playing with a plastic gun. The neighbor who called 9-1-1 even reported it as “a kid playing with a toy, maybe scaring some people”. But Police arrived and shot first – a fatal shot in the chest at point blank range – then determined it was indeed a kid with a plastic gun. Neither cop has been charged to this point.

This is the kind of case that gave force to the BLM movement.

The nut that started shooting at a crowd of cops in Dallas is a murderer, but not a surprise. I don’t think people are going to take much more of the lawlessness from the cops before they fire back.  If a cop hurt a member of my family you might end up calling me a killer too.

The Championship Parade

Wow this was fun. Felt amazing. Very little trouble, just joy and celebration from a region that has waited for this for generations.


Getting around was not easy


Here’s where we stopped – E.9th and Superior. After waiting about 2 hours JR Smith finally parted the crowd and started the fun.


Look at that crowd up East 9th! This is from the top of the building we were in front of on Superior & East 9th

CLEVELAND, OH -  JUNE 19: Fans fill a parking garage with in view of Quicken Loans Arena during the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals Game Seven watch party  on June 19, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Wherever fans could get up to get a look they went for it. Here’s the Q parking garage at the start of the parade.

Cleveland Cavaliers' J.R. Smith stands in the back of pickup truck as he greets fans during a parade celebrating the  basketball team's NBA championship in downtown Cleveland, Wednesday, June 22, 2016. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

JR was the first guy in the parade and he stood shirtless the whole time. The joy in his face was amazing and infectious. 


The crowds were so big that the police and volunteers couldn’t keep the road clear. The parade slowed as they had to creep through the crowd. Literally a single violent issue reported – a teenager shooting another teenager in the leg on the way home.


The King posed in front of his sign and people went nuts! The two princes are up front.

As the parade started the end of the route clogged completely.

As the parade started the end of the route clogged completely. I’m in this picture – one of the wine-colored specks to the left of the tree center-bottom.


Downtown was swamped. This is the intersection of Prospect/Huron/East 9th


K Love smiled more in one day than he had in 2 years! He had his championship belt and the love of the fans to get him through to the rally at Mall C.


You know several of the Spiderman movies filmed in Cleveland…


Using the camera zoom lens down East 9th to see if the parade is starting yet

A good overview of the parade in route.

A good overview of the parade en-route. It started at the Q (top left – slanted roof), then (counterclockwise) up Ontario, left on Carnegie, left on East 9th, all the way up to Lakeside, then another left to Mall C. You can see the rally crowd already formed top center with the Browns stadium beyond them.  Methinks that’s more than 1.3 million folks.


A shot of the rally crowd on Mall C waiting for the parade to complete. You can see the Rock Hall in the distance.

A City Of Champions Again

Cheesy title but man this was fun. Lots of pent up frustration finally released!




Cleveland Cavaliers fans celebrate after the Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors 93-89 in Game 7 of the NBA basketball Finals, Sunday, June 19, 2016, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

Cleveland Cavaliers fans celebrate after the Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors 93-89 in Game 7 of the NBA basketball Finals, Sunday, June 19, 2016, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)




My neighborhood finally quieted down about 2am. The parade on Wednesday should be one of the craziest times this city has ever seen.

Curse Breakers

When something’s wrong in #TheLand, who you gonna call?

Curse Busters!

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.56.45 AM

Just a little update on the details of the Cleveland Curse. I hate how it’s sold as nothing but losing teams for 50 years.

The Curse is that Cleveland has come with some amazing teams over the years, but just can’t get that ring/trophy in the modern era:

The Cavs – 46 seasons in NBA = 5 division titles – 3 conference titles – 0 championships


Early Cavalier greatness by Nate Thurmond

The Browns – 66 seasons in NFL = 12 division titles – 11 conference titles – 4 championships (last one 1964)

The Browns – 4 seasons in AAFC = 4 division titles – 4 conference titles – 4 championships (last one 1949)

plus 16 players in the Hall of Fame, 4th most in the league.


Otto Graham invented the modern QB position and won several titles.

The Indians – 116 seasons in MLB = 5 league Pennants – 2 championships (last one 1950)

31 players in the Hall of Fame


The great Bob Feller.


We Have A Series


3-2 at this point. 1 game left in Cleveland. Possible game 7 back in Oakland.

I said 4-2 Cavs so I’ve been disqualified for a bit now. I did predict Kyrie’s breakout.

The Warriors are a resilient, tricky bunch.

The Cavs have a lot of talent and heart too.

We all want a game 7, I think even Warriors fans want a game 7. They don’t want to clinch away from home again.


Steph Curry has been disappointing in The Finals again. The regular season MVP seems to have some issue when high-level defense is played on his perimeter trick shot game.  When Curry isn’t making 3’s he isn’t doing much for his team. All this whispering about injury is bull. You either play or you don’t, phantom injuries that you won’t speak about don’t matter.

Cavs really need some offensive output from JR Smith and Kevin Love. I’d like to see some contribution from Channing Frye also.

Should be a battle Thursday. Here’s hoping the Cavs live to fight one more day. Game 7 winner takes all I like my chances with Bron and Kyrie.

All To Plan

Prince’s passing has left me a bit shaken. I’m avoiding the mysterious theories and thinking this generally healthy and sober man had pill demons that caught him and he walked into his personal elevator and never came out. The lyrics to Let’s Go Crazy are now loaded with intrigue.

Addiction did not appear to be a long term problem for Prince as he showed none of the outward signs over the last 30 years of his career. But rumors are flying that the last year has been a rough one for the 57-year old entertainer. Painful hip problems led to Percocet and other powerful pills with never-ending prescriptions, and in no time the mighty had fallen. I’ll wait for the tox report before commenting more, but it’s not an uncommon story.

LIFE MOVES FORWARD. The sun comes up tomorrow with or without us. Ask the Atlanta Hawks.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.40.05 AM



Prince loved basketball so if there’s an afterlife he’s enjoying this one.



I’ve been saying all year that the regular season success of the Golden State Warriors is perfect for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It benefits the Cavs more than anyone else.

Regular season means nothing. Playoffs and Championships mean everything. It’s why Jordan is Jordan, Kobe is Kobe, Russell is Russell, Duncan is Duncan, Bird is Bird, Magic is Magic… and then there’s all those other players. Many winners and legends in the mix but there’s only a few that walk around with their hand(s) full of rings.




Lebron James is on the cusp of the circle of greats. He has an impressive resume going to the last 5 finals and winning 2 of them. Most playoff records are owned or being hounded by James and his various teams. But he needs to get to 500 and get one with his hometown Cavaliers to cement his legacy.

Cue the perfect scenario – make James the underdog.


Last year was his first year back with his old family after running off to Miami with a supermodel, and it was awkward at times. The big 3 were actually Lebron and two confused all-stars lacking big game experience, a motley mix of role players, and a head coach who had never even assistant-coached an NBA game before.

But Lebron being Lebron, the addition of Iman Shumpert and JR Smith from the Knicks and Timo Mozgov from Denver seemed to fit together for the moment. JR was the sharpshooter, Shump the defensive stopper, and Timo the new Big Z that Lebron could play pick and roll with.

Delly also emerged as a decent backup PG and all around defensive irritant, and the team clicked going into the playoffs. But by the time they reached the Finals they had lost 2 all-stars and were logging huge minutes on the guys left.



They still got 2, nearly 3 games from the healthy and clicking Warriors, but ran out of juice after running out of options. They were outmatched, out-coached, and still getting to know each other as a team. Delly collapsed and was rushed to the hospital for fluids. Cleveland licked it’s wounds yet again. There’s always next year.


This next year has been stable so the soap opera NBA media basically ignored the Cavaliers all year. Blatt wasn’t fired mid-season so much as forced to step aside for his star assistant, a move that all of us saw coming sooner or later. The Cavs didn’t miss a beat since very little changed.

Other than that all everyone talked about was the amazing unbeatable Warriors, and if the Spurs would have enough left in the tank to derail them. These amazing Warriors with their newly crowned King of the NBA Steph Curry! Could they ever be beaten? Have we ever seen something so dominating?




Buzz. No one really cares. It’s the regular season. I’d be terrified if the Cavs won 73 games this year. The last team to win so many games is only talked about because they swept their way through the playoffs (actually 12-3) and got their FIFTH ring in 7 years. See the gentleman with all the rings above.

The Cavs are being treated like an underdog this year but the stats tell something different, and so does the eye test.



So the setup is perfect. The Warriors are unbeatable. Until their fragile superstar goes down that is, then they are beatable. The Spurs look damn good as usual, the perfect slayer of dreams. The Cavs are rolling, the East (which was stronger than the West overall this regular season) is folding with playoff jitters, and here we sit.

The thing about my predictions is I don’t always see the end of the story. Rarely, actually. I usually see the setup and build.


I can imagine this is our year. But I was born in #TheLand 9 years after it’s last major title so I don’t get my hopes up too far. My storytelling mind does enjoy this narrative though.

Curry will be back, and the Cavs will face a strong team out of the west. I hope it’s the Warriors because we all want the rematch from last year. The Spurs have always dealt with Lebron better than anyone else.


Ouchies On A Cold Night

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 16:  Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors reacts during Game Six of the 2015 NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena on June 16, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)



Warriors came to the winter wonderland of Cleveland last night and beat the doo-doo out of the Cavs. The Cavs were rolling, playing good ball on their road trip, but it was off from the start last night.

No ball movement, clanking shots, no offensive rebounds – recipe for failure. Overall the Warriors just looked good – faster and stronger than last year. Still hitting those ridiculous shots.

Not much of a game since the Cavs had no fight in them. But message sent, if the Cavs make it out of the East again they are going to have a battle with the West. As usual.


Travesty Of Justice

True story: 12 year old kid gets a toy gun from the dollar store.




He runs up his street to a small park and pretends he’s shooting various things. Plays with his toy.

A man on a bench sees this and dials 9-1-1. He tells the operator that a kid is playing with a toy gun and he’s worried that someone will think it’s real.

The operator alerts the police. The guy goes home. The kid stays there playing in the snow.

The police show up driving into the park, think it’s real, and shoot the 12 year old dead in under 2 seconds.

They literally pulled up and shot him dead before he could even show his hands, or the gun, or his face, or anything. Turns out the operator didn’t tell the cops it was a kid, and they didn’t assume it could be.


Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 3.10.05 PM


Because you know, it’s Cleveland, it’s a black guy, and he’s clearly got a gun. Shoot first is what a lot of the white cops do these days.

Who was the cop? The shooter was a rookie white guy who failed out of the suburban police squad then was hired in one of Cleveland’s violent areas, reportedly looking for more action. He got it. And guess what else he just got?

Even more true: a jury in Cleveland just decided against even charging the cop.

The First 82

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 5.25.47 PM

Oh my, it’s NBA time, and this is perhaps the most hyped season the Cavs have ever entered into. Doormats just 3 years ago, they are now consensus favorites to win the East, and about 40% of pundits are picking them to win their first title ever.



My team won’t be healthy until 2016, but check out this depth:

PG: Irving  –  Williams  –  Dellevadova
SG: Shumpert  –  Smith  –  Cunningham
SF: James  –  Jefferson  –  Jones
PF: Love  –  Thompson  –  Varejao
C:  Mozgov  –  Kaun

That’s a lot of talent and size crammed in there. But the starting backcourt of Irving and Shumpert won’t be back until January so it could be a slow start as Mo gets acclimated to his new team.


Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 5.23.39 PM

Tonight on TNT it gets started, Cavs vs Bulls. What would winter be without basketball?


2015 NBA Finals Post Mortem

It’s over. Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors, 2015 NBA Champs. They earned it by plowing through the regular season, rolling to the Finals, and catching an injured Cavs squad that didn’t have the bodies to match up. They complete their historic season with MVP Stephon Curry and rookie head coach Steve Kerr.

Lebron is dead! Lebron is dead! Ding dong, Lebron is dead!

Lebron is dead! Lebron is dead! Ding dong, Lebron is dead!


If we had a healthy Cleveland team featuring Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love to go along with Lebron James – that would have been a heavyweight battle for the ages. Instead we got to see Lebron try to beat the Warriors more or less by himself, and he got amazingly close, but just didn’t have the talent left on the bench to put down the Warriors. 5 of the 6 games were close but as the time wound down the Warriors had the depth and energy to persevere.

Lebron dropped historic offensive numbers while picking up the slack for his injured scorers. The 2 replacements from the bench (Tristan Thompson and Matt Dellevadova) had to play heavy minutes, completely depleting the Cleveland bench and leaving Coach Blatt with very few options.

The Cavs did get a little pat on the back for effort, the Cleveland fans showed out nicely (louder than the “roaracle”), and Vegas gave the city of Cleveland it’s “wait for next year” hope by making the Cavs the early favorites as the 2016 champs!


20k inside the arena, 20k outside the arena. Well done.

20k inside the arena, 20k outside the arena. Well done.

3-2 Warriors – Cavs Facing Elimination

First off, what a year for these two teams. The Warriors completed a dominant regular season with an unorthodox style led by their shooting, often times quick hit 3’s early in the shot clock. They played defense, they mowed through the West, and they are 1 game away from their first title in 40 years.

The Cavs were the story this year in the NBA, and they didn’t fail to deliver some drama. Much of it was little more than hype by the press but there’s no denying that a first year coach, 3 all-stars that had never played together before, and the feel-good retribution story of Lebron and his hometown of Cleveland/Akron was compelling.

Driving this outfit of undermanned misfits to a ring might be too much even for Lebron. But it’s been a fun ride. If the Cavs succumb he will take an unfair hit for his overall finals record and not given the credit he deserves for this season.


My prediction of Cavs in 6 is out the window, and unless Kyrie’s broken kneecap heals by Tuesday it’s tough to see them winning 2 straight in the condition they are in now.

Tough but not impossible though — if the Cavs can hold home court Tuesday night I’ll take my chances in Game 7 with Lebron, no matter where it’s played. Cleveland equals tough, so don’t get overconfident Dubs fans!

I say Cavs in 7 with at least 1 more 40/15/15 game from LBJ. Or Cavs are out of juice and Warriors in 6. If so it will be sad to see them celebrate in the Q.

Either way, good finals, hard fought, the Warriors are a little dirtier than I thought they’d be (not a bad thing), and it does have the feel of the first of several future Finals matchups. It’s a testament to Lebron and Blatt that the Cavs are here at all, missing 2 all-stars.

1st and 2nd overall pick, 2003.

1st and 2nd overall pick, 2003.

2-1 Cleveland With Momentum

The Warriors MVP woke up, finally, towards the end of game 3, down by 20. It was good but scary as a Cavs fan to see Stephon Curry hit 3 straight.

Other than that, Cleveland has owned this series. Through their own inability to close they are up 2-1 as opposed to 3-0, winning nearly every quarter of this series so far.

The Cavs seem to want it more, the Cleveland crowds are better, the city is rocking, things are looking up. But it’s only 2-1, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Dubs and Cavs have come back from 2-1 already this year.

Dellavedova breaks arms, legs, neck. Will play game 4


Series Reset 1-1, Moving To Cleveland

Why The National Media Continues to Favor The Warriors

1. They refuse the Eyeball test. Stats are interesting, insightful, and of course the most important single stat determines a win or loss. The new generation of analytics along with our visually mobile culture create an environment where we are easily swayed by charts and graphs. Basketball is suffering through this currently. There are ‘new method verse old school’ arguments around, and in this case I split the difference. Show all the stats and graphs you want, but don’t disregard the eyeball test! Lebron looks like he wants that Trophy more than he ever has before, his team is wounded and scary, they are bigger, play better defense, and who picks against that? Warriors look like they’ve never been there before, the coach and entire roster. Oh yeah, they haven’t. 9 rings on the Cavs, 17 Blatt trophies, and that shows in that no one on the Cavs are sweating (except Kevin Love at every mention of Kelly Olynyk.)



2. Know the sport.  There are fundamental rules in the NBA game that many people miss. First – Playoffs are different than regular season. Regular season is actually the pre-season and people never understand that. Everything is harder in the playoffs. Everything s l  o   w    s   down, every window closes, every gap is smaller, every possession matters. You know the rule that good offense beats good defense? Reversed in the playoffs. Teams shut other teams down, destroy their offense, sweep them out at every level of the playoffs. No team would beat the same team 4 games straight in the regular season but the playoffs are different. Therefore, any analyst that talks about the regular season during the finals is rubbish.

Regular Season? You talking about the Regular Season? We ain’t talking about the Finals, we talking about Regular Season? We ain’t talking about The Finals. The Finals. You asking me about Regular Season?




These false experts also forget that the NBA Finals is closer to a pickup game played before the world than any formal event featuring beautiful basketball exhibitions. It’s a blood bath, a grind house, a painful struggle that only true champions survive. Cleveland learned this lesson in 2007 when professional champions from Texas exposed our overachieving newbies and a virgin GOAT. Fools underestimate the Eastern Conference champs every year based on regular season offense, combining both mistakes into the great lie. It’s 5 on 5, 1 basketball, for the chip, and regular season stats, politics, concepts, and offense go out the window.



3. Play the sport. If you, your kids, your brother, even your cousin you hang with spent real time playing basketball then you know a real baller, both playground and organized team. They didn’t need to be great themselves, just good enough to be on teams, go to practice, be on travel teams, good enough to get picked at the courts, and to even hold court. If they were professional or semi-pro they are experts. Yes high school counts, maybe even middle school! Bottom line is until you’ve jammed your hip and ass into some dude’s sweaty crotch over and over to keep him off the boards and chop him down a bit on offense you don’t really know basketball.

Appetizing description, I know, but my point is reading or watching basketball is not playing basketball. It’s a grind, it’s a game of sweat, cuts, poked eyes, bent fingertips, millimeters, frustration, and anger. It’s not stats, a narrative, or psychology. Most analysts never played, and only some of them admit it and let the real experts drive their narrative.



National analysts follow bandwagons and they follow sexy stories. We saw it a decade ago with Lebron. Perhaps the Miami version of Lebron wore out his welcome and the narrative has pushed past him, therefore he is not the sexy story, the obvious story, and this is basketball, not Hollywood. Austin Carr said the Warriors play “good basketball but pretty-boy basketball”. Welcome to the trenches.

Game 2 Notes: Nothing Stunning At All

The Cavs have been having their way with the Warriors for most of the series so far. The first 2 games have been controlled by Cleveland throughout, with leads being elusive and short-lived for these overly-hyped regular season Warriors. It could be 2-0 either way, but each game had the Cavs ahead with the Warriors making late runs to get back in the game.

I sense the virginity at Oracle. True, the Cavs organization has no NBA championships, but there’s 9 championship rings on that roster compared to 0 worn by Warriors. I don’t even think a Warrior player has ever even been to the Finals, whereas the Cavs have 22 previous Finals games on the roster. [See Tales of the Tape for the lowdown]

Steve Kerr is much loved and respected around the NBA. He won 5 rings as a player and was popular on TV. But he’s a virgin as a coach. Blatt has coached 17 championships. 17. Discount that all you want, it’s still more than Kerr.

Steph Curry is much loved and respected around the NBA. Steve Nash perhaps helped the Cavs last week by declaring Curry the best shooter of all time!  But he’s a baby-faced virgin too, on a bigger stage than he’s ever been on.

The media is still amazed at how this supposedly superior Warriors team and being handled by what they consider a 1-man show from a weak conference coached by a newbie. None of this is true, even though it’s the narrative they are all pushing.

Golden State is the latest NBA gimmick, and gimmick’s don’t always win championships. Sometimes they do, and I’m not writing off the Warriors completely. I do believe they were the best regular season team but that means nothing now. They are still capable of shooting 50% from 3 and spanking the Cavs. It’s a long series.

You are now going to see the best basketball player in the world play in front of the best fans in the best NBA arena. Sure Oracle might be slightly louder, but it’s due to the ancient building’s lack of acoustic treatment, not because Warriors fans are somehow more psyched than Cleveland fans.

No California sports fans are out-rooting Cleveland sports fans. Cavs fans know the game, know that defense is more important than “splashing”, and know when it comes down to the game on the line, they’d take Lebron Ramone James over anyone not named Michael circa 1992.


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Game 1 – Missed Opportunities

Wow what a game, what a story.

The big Russian dunks on everyone!

The big Russian dunks on everyone!

First off, message sent.  Everyone claiming the Warriors were clear favorites, ready to wipe the pathetic “leastern conference” champs out with ease, watched the Cavs handle the Warriors for most of the game. Cleveland responded to every Warriors run, made just as many big shots, and controlled much of the game. The “Roaracle” sat nervously on it’s collective hands.

Secondly – what a huge missed opportunity! The first team to get a road win takes the advantage and the Cavs had one right in their hands. They couldn’t finish it out in regulation, let the Dubs take a late lead, then had to tie it and had nothing good for the last shot. Lebron was very good but a stepback three is not needed there, he should have driven and looked for contact.

Then after 44 minutes played Kyrie tweeks his knee again and the Cavs collapse in OT. Uncle Drew had looked good until then, scoring on and defending MVP Curry, but it wasn’t enough.

Warriors are the deeper team but they looked small compared to the Cavs. They are also dirtier under the glass than I thought — holding, pulling, and applying arm-bars all over Tristan and Mozgov, and very few were called. Bogut and Green used every trick in the book to keep the Cavs off the glass, and most of them were illegal, but almost nothing was called.

I’m more surprised than mad about that. The Warriors were more physical than the Cavs and they got away with more dirty plays, and I expected that to be opposite.

I still say Cavs in 6 or Cavs in 7. Lebron, Mozgov and Kyrie played well for the Cavs but no one else really did. Lebron outscored the splash-bros by himself. If/when the Cavs click they are going to blow the Warriors out, hopefully they do it at least once in Oakland.

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These categories are ranked in importance from top to bottom. Notice how Regular Season is near the bottom. Championship experience and pedigree is valued above all else, and in that department the Warriors are total virgins.

As you work down the stats for the Playoffs notice that the Cavs have slightly improved since the regular season ended and the Warriors have slightly declined. Also notice that the Warriors still pass and shoot the ball better than the Cavs.

Coach Blatt is being ignored and disrespected by most NBA types, as they outright dismiss his steady ability to collect championships over a 24 year coaching career. These championships are across various tournaments, leagues and continents, but the same thing happened almost every time – Coach Blatt’s team brought home the trophy. No way can that experience be discarded because it didn’t take place in the NBA. Champions are champions, only the details change in every quest.


Other NBA Finals Hype:

Cavs v Dubs: The Main Event

Cavs v Dubs: The Main Event

Finally we have arrived at the main event. Actually, we have to wait 8 days for it (the longest time ever!).




Update — Check out the NBA Finals Tale of the Tape


I’ll be doing some statistical and eyeball analysis over the next couple of days before announcing my pick for the finals. Initial thoughts:

  • Since the Cavs made their big roster shakeup and Lebron’s winter break, they have a better record than the Warriors.
  • Lebron out-ranks everyone in the series in championship pedigree. Knowing how to get one is different than wanting one.
  • The Cavs roster has more playoff experience, more finals experience, and more championship rings than the Warriors.
  • Blatt and Kerr are rookie NBA coaches, but Blatt has coached several major championships around the world over the last 20 years. He’s no rookie coach, he’s a rookie NBA coach. In actual games won he’s closer to Popovich than Kerr.
  • The Warriors offensive strength is their outside shooting. Just like the Hawks, who shot 20% lower against the Cavs than anyone else.

So that’s just some food for thought as they announce the Cavs as underdogs.


Gotta Make It Happen

Nice knowing’ ya Hotlanta.


Remember, playoffs are a different ballgame. It took us a few years to learn that too. Regular season is actually pre-season in the NBA.

Re-sign your guys and quit crying, Delly is just out hustling you, and we will see you next year. Nice season. Also FWIW Korver is overrated.

Cavs verse Dubs is the main attraction, we’ve all wanted to see it for months. No one can stop either team, and they have several of the best players in the L this year.

It should be a battle. I’m afraid to make a pick at this point and the Hawks must first fall in this extreme elimination challenge. Hopefully for Kyrie and Lebron’s bodies the Cavs can end it tonight and get a few days off before the epic.


Noah Versus Cleveland

Joakim is at it again, talking smack about Cleveland. Everything he says gets posted online and the comments just pile on. Got me thinking….

Cleveland’s economy sucks because before everything was made in China, it was made in places like Cleveland. The factories of Cleveland built the USA and helped win World War II.

That means that without Cleveland, the french side of Noah’s family might be speaking German. Show some respect. Besides, you play for Chicago, the murder capital of the USA, so leave the beautiful and proud city of Cleveland out of your mouth or I’ll get Cardale!


Oh and don’t throw stuff at athletes, that’s never cool. No matter how dickish they are.

Mark Price Appreciation Post

Steph Curry knows. Kenny Smith knows. Brad Daugherty knows. Steve Kerr knows.

There were a few years in the NBA (1989-1994: the height of the Jordan years) where the best shooter and one of the best overall point guards in the league went without much notice outside of coaches, players and fans of his team.

He was the 2nd guy ever, after Larry Bird, to average 50-40-90% in field goals, threes, and free throws for a full season, known as the 50-40-90 club.  Since then 5 more players have achieved this shooting mastery: Reggie Miller, Steve Nash (4x!), Dirk Nowitski, and Kevin Durant.


Considered too slow and a small 6′ for the NBA, especially in those years when the league was stocked with talent, Price was picked in the 2nd round by Dallas and traded to Cleveland. I don’t remember much hype about the small white guard that looked like a 12 year old choirboy.

Since Cleveland also picked big Brad Daughtery 1st overall and talented slasher Ronny Harper at pick 8 that day, it was a haul even before they received the news that another talented rookie Hot Rod Williams would be cleared of NCAA gambling charges and be allowed to play for the Cavs.

Cleveland actually had 4 of the 5 all-rookies that year. I don’t know if that’s been done since.

The addition of prime high-flying forward Larry Nance turned the late 80’s Cavs into “the team of the 90’s” according to Magic Johnson. To be a Laker fan and read that!

So how did Price do it? By being one of the single most awesome players ever with the ball in his hands.

Similar to Steph Curry, he could shoot so fast, so accurately, so consistently that defenses just bent to his will.

Similar to Lebron James, he could utilize teammates, spacing, picks, and inventiveness to break your press and decimate your defense.

His secret weapon was his split dribble. See, the Cavs fed off of pick and rolls with their talented big men. Defenders could either plan to fight over the pick, go under the pick, or switch. As they were deciding this he attacked, dribbling directly between them and forcing them off-balance.

It worked like a charm because of his shooting skills – wherever defenders went, he had a play and could get his shot. And usually drain it, bottom of the net, or use glass.

He also impressed in the 1993 3-point shootout, at one point hitting something like 3 racks straight.

In Cleveland he wasn’t even the most famous Cavalier. They were stacked and I remember people considering him a John Stockton knockoff. That’s probably racist, like there’s only room for 1 caucasian point guard? He could out-shoot the Hall of Famer Stockton, and if he had the health and the stability of Stockton, and the mailman, he’d be right there.

Looking back, Mark Price really was the best player on those stocked Cavs teams. He couldn’t even dunk but man that dude could play some basketball. Unstoppable, made everything happen everywhere, and the model for guys like Steph Curry. Mark Price was 6′ Larry Bird, one of the best ever.



Game Time! The King of Cleveland’s Top 5 Moments

In case you forgot, or were too hurt to remember (like me), here’s what used to be and what will soon be again: #23 just wrecking things and playing for the good guys again!

Gonna be crazy down there tonight, a concert and TNT crew before the game, a winter storm coming in, people partying for Halloween all week


21 Mar 2013, Cleveland, Ohio, USA --- REFILE - ADDITIONAL CAPTION INFORMATION Cleveland Cavaliers fan James Blair interrupts play by coming onto the court in a T-shirt with a message asking Miami Heat's LeBron James (R) to return to Cleveland, during the fourth quarter of their NBA basketball game in Cleveland March 20, 2013. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) --- Image by © AARON JOSEFCZYK/Reuters/Corbis

21 Mar 2013, Cleveland, Ohio, USA — REFILE – ADDITIONAL CAPTION INFORMATION Cleveland Cavaliers fan James Blair interrupts play by coming onto the court in a T-shirt with a message asking Miami Heat’s LeBron James (R) to return to Cleveland, during the fourth quarter of their NBA basketball game in Cleveland March 20, 2013. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) — Image by © AARON JOSEFCZYK/Reuters/Corbis

The Best Weekend Festival

It’s time again for Ingenuity Fest, perhaps the coolest festival going. Check their site  for the details  but we will be under the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame doing the largest and coolest Musicians Garden yet! Check for more pics and if you are town this weekend come down and keep the music alive!

Also, anyone doing the Rockathon Cleveland, a music-based hackathon, bring your inventions down to the Musicians Garden for a live demo.



A Million Stories in Cleveland

The challenge was this – take your camera around town for a month, shoot whatever you get yourself into, add some drone shots, pro editing, and some local music and put it on Youtube. These guys are good – and they picked a hell of a town for their subject.

Here I present to you one of the more accurate views of Cleveland, Ohio, USA you will ever see. This is us, this is what we do with our summers. I was at a couple of the events this camera attended, this is our summer of 2014. This is the town that is the butt of so many internet jokes:

Amazing what some good production work can do, huh? We’ve seen so much video like this where the subject was NY, Vegas, LA, London, Tokyo, Austin… but rust belt cities are usually shot so poorly. There’s so much to see and do here when you stop caring about what everyone thinks.

And yes we have to move these parties indoors for half the year, because it’s a grey frozen tundra out there – although the global warming is providing us with milder winters!

Cleveland summer

Bands, Beach, Beer + Gourmet Food Trucks = Cleveland summertime


Summer ain’t over yet! This weekend we will be at the Cleveland Garlic Fest – yes – it’s a local farmers market turned street fair with Top Chef contests, bands all weekend, kids area, and Musicians Garden giving music for all.

The Fighting 11th – Colbert Covers Cleveland

We’ve finally gone big time!  The Colbert Report has chosen my congressional district to focus on with “Better Know A District” featuring my congresswoman Marcia Fudge. Pretty funny stuff.

Here’s part 1:


and Part 2:

Cleveland jokes are common and most suck, but Colbert made me laugh a few times on this one.

Focus Shift

In the pro basketball world, Miami was the center of the NBA universe for the last 4 years. Cleveland was barely in the league. Besides the usual few intriguing young picks (and a few potential bust picks) there was no story here, nothing to see, nothing to care about. No national TV. No commentary. Even the teams uniforms said “that white red and gold team that used to be on TV every week is gone”.

In the course of 2 months much has changed. The 2014 Cavs might be starting 4 all-stars. They will have the roster to start 5 all-stars. Their bench features champions and all-stars.  What the hell is going on? Look at these credentials they have added:

Lebron: 2x Champion, 4x MVP, Rookie of the Year, 10x All-star, 6x NBA All-Defensive, 3x medalist

Ray Allen: 2x Champion, 10x All-star, All time leader 3pt made, 3x medalist

Kevin Love: 3x All-star, Most Improved Player, 1x Rebounding leader, 2x medalist

Mike Miller: 2x Champion, Rookie of the Year, Sixth Man of the Year, 3x medalist

Shawn Marion: 1x Champion, 4x All-star, 2x medalist

James Jones: 2x Champion

[This, with Kyrie, makes the total haul: 11 Rings, 22 All-Star appearances, 4 MVPs, 3 ROY’s, 6x All Defense, 14 medals, Best rebounder last year, best distance shooter EVER. And Andy. Damn.]


These studs are joining the young core of:

Kyrie Irving, perhaps the best 22 year old PG in the game (ROY and 1x All-star)

Dion Waiters, a sleeper Dwyane Wade-type 2 guard also under 25

Tristan Thompson, an active garbage-man type PF under 25

Matt Delevadova, a scrappy defensive PG under 25


And then the final piece is the wild thing, the only guy left from Lebron’s original Cavs. You couldn’t pick a better guy from 2007-2010 to take part in this run than Andy. Although I would like to see Booby!




Premature Super Team Thoughts

It’s the new Big Three, the new Power Trio in the (l)eastern conference. NBA fever has hit Cleveland again in the name of Lebron, teaming up with Kyrie, Dion & Andy, adding Love to the new mix that already includes Mike Miller, James Jones, and possibly Jesus Shuttlesworth himself, Mr Ray Allen in a Cavs uniform (man I wanted that like 12 years ago!).

So — who’s buying it?

I really enjoyed watching the 2010 Miami Heat struggle. I really enjoyed watching them fight and perservere all the way to the finals. And man did I enjoy watching those arrogant punks lose to Dallas.

Then they started winning – two dark years in Cleveland basketball history – Bron In Black was everywhere winning everything. We had to endure the “Heat Watch” and all the Beibers court side with James’ ice jersey. El Heatles. Blech. 2 years to go from millions of Witnesses to 14000 Beliebers leaving the arena early at a Finals game.


So now he’s back – thinner, older, wiser, and hopefully not slower. What will Lebron’s new trio do as compared to he’s previous unit?

I just don’t have a read on it yet. I’m an observational guy, and with so much new with coach Blatt and all these ex-Heat players, the mess that Mike Brown’s rehire/refire trick left, my head is swimming trying to predict how this team stacks up.


I know a starting five of Irving, Waiters, LBJ, Love, and Varajao is not a problem in any way. That’s a ton of scoring, passing, rebounding, garbage work, slashing, shooting, and just enough defending. Cavs should put up 100+ a night without too much trouble.

I know a bench rotation of Thompson, Dellavadova, Miller, Jones, and Haywood isn’t too shabby either. You got a scrappy defensive guard, 2 big forwards, and 2 shooters. Add Ray Allen to that bench and it’s that much stronger, but pretty old. There are also several rings on that bench.

He has lobbied against it, but Waiters on the 2nd unit might be the most efficient lineup, replaced by Mike Miller in the starting lineup. Miller gives Lebron his wing spacing and more length, and Dion could be sixth man of the year as the only pure scorer off the bench.

End of bench guys look to be rookies Joe Harris, Dwight Powell, and that 7 footer Kirk we just signed. Don’t expect much from these three but you need depth. There’s always hope one of them is the next Boobie Gibson, elevated from the end of the bench to temporary superstar in LBJ’s wake.


My worries include:

  • Are we are getting the old, soon to deteriorate James? His weight loss this offseason is the first major body change I’ve seen in him since he bulked up around his 4th-5th year in the L. He says it’s to get faster. Some say it’s to save his knees. Some even whisper that he’s lost it in the gym, being a dad and hanging home eating pop tarts like the rest of us. We shall see, but I expect nothing short of domination from him, because that’s what he’s always done. He doesn’t push through and dunk over everyone like he did 5 years ago, he’s more efficient with his offensive variety now.
  • Are the snipers shooting at Kevin Love correct? Is it because he’s a white guy, playing in cold distant Minny, buried in the western conference, that he is underrated? Or wait – Overrated? Who can tell with so many opinions out there. I think the guy is a Top 5 PF and can be compared to a Tim Duncan in his overall effectiveness. If Bosh worked well enough with Lebron, Love should be lights out. Love’s offensive game is more varied and creative than Bosh’s.
  • Will Kyrie stop being a defensive liability? If your PG is a turnstile you can’t go all the way, even with Lebron (see Jeff McInnis). The PG has to disrupt the play from the top, or otherwise disturb the opposing PG within the 2nd pass or he’s useless on defense. Most offenses will get whatever shot they want. Kyrie needs to take pride in shutting down the other PG, getting some steals, and taking some charges. His crazy fast feet could make him a much better defender but he just doesn’t seem to try as hard at the defensive end. This could be the fatal flaw to the Cavs Trio.
  • Will Dion Waiters get the love and respect he deservers as one of the most exciting young guards in the L? Guys like Oladipo get more pub but on a nightly basis Dion is more exciting to watch. He’s capable of almost anything on the court, including some crazy shots, but I know that Lebron loves his game, and I do too.

Camp hasn’t even been announced yet, Love isn’t even on the team yet (or Allen), and the new uniforms haven’t been displayed (stab). I will be watching the Cavs SuperTeam, as most of America will, and will prob have lots more to say on it.

I can’t put them as any kind of favorites to win anything more than a lot of games. I said the Heat would struggle early and they did, eventually making it to the finals in their first year and losing. If the Cavs make the Finals in the first year that would be amazing, given the lack of playoff experience in the young players. Chicago, Indiana, and Washington are still my favorites in the east, this year.

But the Cavs Power Trio is for real, coach Blatt is seemingly the best man for such a job (win now or go home), and my team will be on national TV 29 times next season. That’s star power and it should be fun to watch (again).

Forced Relocation For Baseball

Effective September 1 2014 – All baseball fans of caucasian or european decent are to re-locate to the Black Mesa Preserve in Western Oklahoma. Bring all loved ones and the belongings you need as you will not be returning to your homes. Ever. At Black Mesa you will find there is no economy, river, or even farmable lands so you will be forced to carve out a meager existence.

imagesMost of your family will die off within a decade and your blood line will be threatened. But you will be able to preserve your history and culture, and continue watching baseball in this wonderful country! Feel free to drink your pain away, as liquor (unlike anything else) will be abundant in this remote locale.

You have 90 days to comply with this order of the US Interior Department, backed fully by the US Armed Forces. If you resist this lawful order you will be removed from living and stopping progress. People of color need your land.

If you live through the resettling over the winter you will ready for spring training 2015!

Major League Baseball also announced that they will be incorporating funny images of your dead relatives into their marketing, with the hopes of continuing to make millions of dollars exploiting you. Your dead grandpa was such a slick yahoo!

Your family is in ruin, your bloodline threatened or ended, your homeland taken from you, and you are left with no future, no valuable land, and no country that cares for you. Play ball!



Offense With No Regard

…for human decency!

With Lebron back on the Cavs, he’s joining a team that’s considerably more entertaining than the Cavs team he left in 2010. Anderson Varajeo is the only guy left on the roster from back then, and when he stays healthy he’s as popular and effective as ever. He’s one of the best hustle garbage men in the L.

Cavs600But where the 2007-2010 team had Lebron as the sole slasher/dunker/off the dribble- type of player, surrounded by vets, shooters, and role players — this 2014 Cavs team has an intriguing young core of guys who can really make plays on their own.

If they trade this year’s 1st pick Wiggins for Kevin Love that gives the young Cavs two established all-stars and olympians to go with the young guns Kyrie Irving (21), Dion Waiters (23), Tristan Thompson (23), Anthony Bennett (21), and Dwight Powell (23).

Dion Waiters brings the nasty from the 2 spot:

and of course Kyrie can break down and shoot over any point guard in the NBA:

Tristan is a double double with either hand (without any plays called for him). Bennett is attempting to atone for the worst rookie season by any 1st pick ever, so he has nothing but upside or bust. He looks in shape and much more in tune with the flow this summer. The Powell kid is a physical freak who is raw but powerful. Don’t forget Matt Dellavedova (24) who’s turning into a scrappy backup PG and you have a ton of talent under 25 for Lebron to mold.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 1.15.49 PMSo far the Cavs have added veteran free agents Mike Miller and James Jones, two shooting small forwards who teamed with Lebron for Miami’s title seasons. Ray Allen is also in the discussion as another marksman to spread the offense while Kyrie, Dion, and Lebron carve up the middle.

Where’s the other side – the bad news to rain on this amazing off-season? Well, this lineup doesn’t have much defensive history beyond Lebron and Varejao. Last year’s single-season run of Mike Brown did improve the defense of the young Cavs, but they still have a long way to go. The best argument for keeping Wiggins over Love has been his defense, particularly on the wing. Tristan isn’t horrible defensively, but is not a rim protector. Andy alone is not enough down low, so I’d like to see them find a way to get a rim protector at the 4 or 5.


National Corrections – Respect The Cleve!

I have been reading several national writers take on the Lebron returns to Cleveland story, and I have been reading the same mistakes and incorrect assumptions in most of them.

Allow me to correct.

1 – Cleveland’s Financial History

Around 1900, the industrial base of Cleveland drove it to be the 6th largest city in America. It’s industrial barons (John Rockefeller and company) built lavish arts and cultural institutions and mansions around the east side of the city. By the 1920’s Cleveland had legitimate dreams of hosting an Olympics, a World’s Fair, and other world-class attractions.

The industries of Cleveland supplied most of the american ball-bearings and ammunition for both world wars, as well as manufacturing a large part of the american tank fleet and naval and airplane motors. The automobile was first manufactured in Cleveland, but after two decades Detroit took the automotive lead while Cleveland continued to make many of the frames, engines, and bodies for Detroit-based makers.

After that…well… about 80% of the manufacturing left Cleveland, never to return. And no, they didn’t clean up after themselves.


Palace Theater balcony – Playhouse Square – Cleveland Ohio USA. Part of the 2nd largest theater complex in the country, lovingly restored to it’s original opulence. This is not where the world famous Cleveland Orchestra performs, they are housed in the equally impressive Severence Hall, 6 miles east in the booming University Circle area (currently being rebranded as Uptown).


2 – Lebron James & Dan Gilbert

Lebron’s “Decision” TV spectacle in 2010 was, more than anything else, a stab in the back to his local fan base.

Everyone knew that Dan Gilbert is a millionaire banker from Detroit who bought the Cavs because they already had Lebron and the Pistons weren’t for sale.

They knew Gilbert liked to come off as regular fan, like Mark Cuban with a regular job, but no one really buys it. They know he’s making money off the poor and addicted at his Cleveland casino. That’s why lots of people voted against it.

Lebron didn’t screw Dan over. We are smart enough to know it was all business. We know LBJ is the once in a lifetime talent.

But Lebron’s decision to take it to prime-time ESPN, to try to cover his poop with the Boys and Girls club – oh please.


Dan Gilbert received a call (from the guy who is now Lebron’s agent) leaking “The Decision” 3 minutes before air. His comic sans disaster letter was one possible reaction.

Hey Connecticut kids – we are gonna raise you some money by making the kids – and adults – of a whole region cry on live TV!

No one but Miami and the a few of the kids in that room bought it. Are they still mad that Ohio isn’t named New Connecticut?

The evidence of how bad The Decision TV special was? Not a single athlete has copied it, and almost everything else LBJ does is copied by other athletes.


3 – The Cuyahoga River

Every time you make a joke about our Cuyahoga River burning you should thank us. Why? Because people in our region rallied against the powers that be and ultimately the EPA was formed.

Cuyahoga River, upstream several miles from industrial area.

If you are american your air and public waterways are probably cleaner now than 40 years ago because the citizens of northeast Ohio fought back. We organized. We studied. We made a difference.

You should also look up other river fires in other industrial cities and add those to your punchline. Lots of waterways would catch fire before anyone regulated anything.

Also, note that only the very end of the Cuyahoga was being polluted, there’s a nice river before that area.

This region’s manufacturing built this country before we outsourced everything. We deserve respect, if not direct aide from the places that weren’t compromised by our industrial revolution.


The city on the Crooked River in the 1940’s. Many of the factories that forged the country and the war effort are on that crooked river, and many dumped industrial waste into it for decades.

4 – Burning Jerseys

I counted about 7 Cavs fans burning Lebron jersey’s on video in 2010. Maybe 20 more around town did the deed.

Some cleaned their toilets with it. I personally picked up cat puke with 1 LBJ t-shirt I had, but I kept my $100 jerseys safe in a bottom drawer.

The idea that we are a bunch of street rioting savages is idiotic. Cleveland people are about as normal and chill as they come. We love our teams and will talk shit with anyone who wants to talk some shit, but it’s just entertainment.

There are far more important things in Cleveland than millionaires playing sports -like survival. Most of america felt that financial pinch the last few years. Cleveland has been in that world for decades! It’s why we are so tough, and it’s why people from here don’t take too kindly to all the misrepresentation and insults we endure from random entertainers and internet types.


Being a resident of Cleveland means seeing things like this all the time. It’s still accepted as a premise that this place is horrible. Most that spend time here come to really appreciate it.

All that said, Lebron deserved the outrage of Cleveland fans in 2010. You have no idea how long we had Lebron at that point – not just 7 years with the Cavs, but 4 years in high school too. We were over a decade invested in the kid from Akron that just might become the best ever.

It was Cavs fans getting attacked for 7 years defending Lebron, swatting off hater after hater. “King”? “Chosen One”? It was relentless.

We were told nothing good could ever come from Cleveland (idiots don’t even realize nearly half the entertainment industry was raised in Cleveland). When you defend someone for that long and from so many angles you don’t expect them to be the one sticking the knife in your back.

No matter who you root for you don’t expect or deserve that disapointment to be a live TV special on ESPN.



Hello from #TheLand. You have a problem with it? Fuck you. We have enough work to keep us busy. And now we have our Lebron back so we are good;-)

In summary — think twice before you insult someplace you don’t know or understand.

I’ve lived several places and Cleveland should be proud, not ashamed. Cleveland is one of the best places in America and the people are amazing, and to take the amount of shit we do being a punchline just adds to the resolve of people here.

Welcome Home Big Fella

Bron is not only coming home, he’s doing it the way you are supposed to – he apologized, he understands his folks, and he’s accomplished what he wanted out of town, like many of us have.

But now he’s coming home because he loves it here, and he’s always been one of us. That’s why we got so mad at him when he pulled the stunt building the super team behind everyone’s back.

Read the letter. Enjoy the ride, the Cavs are gonna be an entertaining show this year!


Childhood Glory Becomes Adult Joy

The funk ethos is to have a good time all the time, to move to remove. As we age we often forget about the things that made us happy as children. Many of those childhood memories do indeed translate to adult activities.

Witness JennyRollerSkating on Youtube. A competitive champ as a young teen, she didn’t put on her skates for almost a decade. But when she did it was magic all over again. In fact, you might find that you are as good or better than you used to be when going back to what you loved.

Most importantly, though, you should be doing it for fun and pleasure whether that was what kept you going as a child or not (chances are there was different motivation and more fear back then).

And no matter how far away from childhood you may be, remember that wheels are fun, and wheels not attached to cars, licenses, and seat belts are that much more fun.

Yes that’s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the lakefront skyline of Cleveland as her backdrop. Go Jenny! If I spun like that it would end with new screws in my bones.

39 With The Flu

Like Jordan used to – when Kyrie ain’t feeling good he seems to play that much better. Dude dropped 39 with the flu bug the other night against the Bucks, putting down some of the sickest crossovers into layups ever.

Is this the return of the layup? Kyrie can dunk just fine, but man he can flip the ball of the glass every which way, as good as anyone I’ve ever seen.

Thankful & Thoughtful 2013 Edition

pieskowa_skala_ogrod_zamkowypieskowa_skala_ogrod_zamkowyI have many great people in my life. I try to keep it simple with my choices and surround myself with good people doing good things. I like people that enjoy the struggle and make it all worth it.


Krakow, Poland

This weekend has left me reflective, like most in the states, of what it is we are thankful for. I present to you one of my favorite pictures from 2013. It is an event where we made music with hundreds of kids, and presented hundreds of kids the opportunity to make music in a way that the traditional educational system cannot.

Mini Maker Faire 2013 by Musicians Garden
Mini Maker Faire 2013, a photo by Musicians Garden on Flickr.

The location is the Cleveland Public Library, the event is the Mini Maker Faire, the view is that of the “Musicians Garden” where people of all skill levels and ages jammed and enjoyed themselves with handmade music all day long. What a great year 2013 was!

Musicians Garden Growing Fast

We recorded and volunteered in the Musicians Garden booth at Ingenuity Fest 2013 this past weekend and had an amazing time. Once the weather cleared up Saturday evening the kids, the musicians, the people of the city came out and learned about MG’s mission while getting to experience it’s effects first hand. We literally had jams happening every few minutes with people of all ages and experience, and even found some time to give some first lessons to newbies.

MG posted some photos already, and since they tracked multiple spontaneous jams for a contest I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from the Ingenuity Fest experience soon.


Getting Ingenious This Weekend – Come See Us @ Ingenuity Fest 2013

Our partner company Musicians Garden <> is presenting at the always interesting Ingenuity Fest <>this weekend. The event is a celebration of technology, art, music, and creativity and will be held at the same location as last years festival – north of Cleveland Browns stadium, right on Lake Erie, at the former warehouses of the Port of Cleveland. Parking is available on-site, as well as at the Great Lakes Science Center, in front of the Rock Hall, and the west end of the football stadium. The event is free admission and will have food and drink vendors, including some of Cleveland’s finest food trucks.

The event is from Friday@5 until Sunday @5. The Musicians Garden booth will be stocked with musicians and instructors, and we will be having a contest to see which festival participant can compose and record the best song at the festival, using our musicians and Collinwood Sun’s recording gear!  The finished results will be put on the internet for voting, with the winner receiving free music lessons at Musicians Garden.

Come down and hang with the MG crew!  Our area will be located between the warehouses and the lake. Play an instrument, join a band, and sign up for some lessons for yourself or a child you love. There is nothing to compare with a music education, and Musicians Garden is modernizing the curriculum and pushing the envelope.

I like to say that Musicians Garden is the all-natural cure for ADHD.

The Dynamic Game


Cleveland fans loved Lebron like no one else, and they have been watching his every move since he bolted to form the evil big three with soft Chris Bosh and the rapidly aging Dwyane Wade. The Heat couldn’t get the ring their first year together, and in their second year together they drew a virginal finals opponent and collected their first ring. Now it’s year 3 after a dominating regular season, and the Heat look very beatable.

Back in the day ‘Bron promised to win 1 ring for Cleveland. When he arrived in Miami, promise unfulfilled, he told his new “fans” they would win 5, 6, 7 rings. And he wonders why people doubt him?

Now ring 2 looks to be getting sized for someone else, and folks are wondering if an elimination by the Heat in year 3 signifies a failure of Lebron’s grand plan. If it somehow represents salvation, or at least ‘told you so’ -ability for Cleveland fans.

I’m not sure if it does, but this story lays out the past, present, and possible future ramifications of tonight’s game 7 better than I can. This guy nails the key points and the emotions behind the money and stats. Give it a read and get ready for some real basketball entertainment tonight, including a possible sighting of the rare cleveland redemption.

We witnessed alot back then – the best talent in basketball growing into a dominant player, an MVP, a leader, and yet still somehow he left you wanting. Too much burdon on his wide shoulders, too much fragility in his psyche? Unknown. But Cleveland fans saw him quit and watched him clown us, then disrespect his former Cavs teammates (themselves an overachieving bunch) once in Miami.

Has Anyone Ever Faced a Bigger Game 7 Than LeBron James in 2013 vs. Pacers?

We Can Make It If We Try – Come To The Mini-Maker Faire!

maker1There is a cool new thing sweeping the globe called the Makers Faire, where people of all types and businesses gather to show what they make, how they make it, and sometimes even let you get involved in making some.

These types of things vary from machined objects, 3D printing, all the way to handmade crafts. The idea is that we can all make, create, and innovate, and there are new technologies mixed with ancient concepts that drive this movement.

So and the Flux-adel Recording Division studios will be in the booth at The Musicians Garden. The hook? We make music. Most of the makers use music to inspire their making. So music is the key ingredient to making.

Here’s the show:
Here’s Musicians Garden:
Here’s the Eventbrite:

It’s Saturday April 13th from 10am-6pm at the Cleveland Public Library, Louis Stokes Wing. We will be on the 5th floor – just follow the music…

Classic Cleveland Christmas

I hate the smell of tapioca.

I was actually at this scene (but not in it) when I was about 10 years old. My mom worked downtown near where they were filming, and since they had the 1950’s streetcars and props out she wanted us to see what it was like when she was a kid.

We weren’t official extras, so we were left peering in the window from outside as they filmed this famous scene in the Higbees department store (now the Horseshoe Casino).


Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.36.02 AM

Pure Blue Goodness

Another reason I love Cleveland. Pure blue around here. Poor, hardworking people that have helped drive this country’s economy for years.

Cuyahoga Country

True Blue Baby I Love You

If you have evidence of voter fraud here it should be easy enough to find. Just contact a known Romney voter from those neighborhoods and ask them if they voted.

I know there were parts of eastern greater Cleveland that didn’t file a single vote for George W. in 2004. Knowing that most people found Kerry -bleh- and still avoided the republicans like poison makes this 2012 result plenty believable.

I go about my day to day life in the blue area on the map, and the only romney supporters I ever see are on the internet.


Another Lost Gem – Purple Image – Cleveland’s Funkadelic

Cleveland’s Black Rock Legacy: Purple Image. This band was based in the same neighborhood as The Flux-adel Recording Division’s current home, and you might have heard of the Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony, another band from this part of town.

This is Funkadelic-level greatness in 1970. Outstanding!

True lyrics from the east side of Cleveland. You want tough? We know tough.

As a side note to the excellent music, what’s with the word-bending genre divisions going on with music?

This is clearly to me some serious rock and roll, as soulful and heavy as anything I’ve heard. So don’t let color get in the way of your descriptions, just enjoy the beauty and reality of your surroundings.