Your Tears Have Given You Away


Cool article here about War’s origins and attempts at getting into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They do deserve it, they are a very important band between funk, soul, rock, and latin music.


The Music That You’re Dancing To

You disarm me.


Caught You Lyin’

Funk + Flute from the Ebonny Godfather, Joe Thomas

It Won’t Be Long

A beautiful song by a beautiful voice.

Though the world feels a bit colder, not when this song is playing.


Coming Down Is The Hardest Thing

Some go by surprise. Some go to the inevitable. But we all go.

RIP Thomas Earl Petty


The Hem

The great Sam Cooke doing his thing. If I could just touch.

In The Rain

OK kick it off, In The Rain:

Oran Juice Jones


Speech and Arrested Development:

The Great Catalog of Michael

Cool mix of amateur singers around the world taking on the extensive Michael Jackson catalog:

There’s some good stuff in here, for sure.

The Voice has always been a pretty good show when they cut the fat out. I love …

Just What I Needed

Ivey Stays Discreet

There’s not a lot of Basehead on youtube. Only stuff from their first album.

I’ve been recently enjoying their 4th album (I think) called 2001 DC.

Here’s an early one to give you a taste of a very underrated band …

Cruisin’ Together

Classic Smokey:

Get On Up

Out fuckin standing. Mashup audio+video

with James Brown, Led Zep, Aerosmith, Run DMC, just straight up funky

I Can Make It

For once in my life, an amazing song by an amazing artist.

Then check out this crazy duet with Stevie and Tony Bennet doing the slowed down version:

When The Morning Comes

An amazing rock song done right will always captivate:

I’ll have to check out some more of this classic rock show. That was solid stuff.

That is not an easy song to cover. They needed a big tight band, 2 …

Nothing Compares

Great rendition by Nikka Costa, RIP Prince Rogers Nelson

Shocking Innocence

Yet another great song from the debut record from The Cars:

The Cars are such an underrated band. Band leaders Richard Otcasek and Benjamin Orzechowski met when Benjamin was the bandleader on a Cleveland TV rock show that Richard watched.…

Time For Makin Whoopie

A stunner from Nilsson. Happy Hump-Day!

Original Roots

This is how you used to find real underground stuff — random unmarked reels of tape!

Enjoy their find.