Morons With Power

The very best of Giminy Glick, the funniest interviewer on television.

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Re-Watch Cosby?

Fascinating article and comments by someone who recently re-watched the iconic 80’s sitcom and came away very conflicted.

I have yet to see a Cosby show post-allegations. I may try the experiment and see if I can still enjoy it. … Read the rest

What Dreams May Come

So sad, no one saw this coming. Robin Williams RIP.Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 1.12.00 PMRead the rest

Comedy Genius RIP

Sad, another movie star favorite passes on.

Harold Ramis, too funny, so funny, you will be missed.

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Everybody Hurts, Sometime

Another Mean Tweets on Kimmel – one of my favorite little bits. Seeing the general rude shittyness of people read aloud is pretty great.

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