The Legend of Buckethead

‘Tis a musical orgy .. ladies and gentlemen I present to you Buckethead playing Jimi Hendrix in front of Bootsy Collins.

Yes. So Good.

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Praxis Power

The mighty mighty Praxis live in Poland with Buckethead on guitar, Brain on drums, Bill Laswell on bass, and a slew of turntablists including Disk, DJ Q-Bert, Mixmaster Mike, Short Cut, and DXT.  Ma zabawa!

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Tag Of War – Shin Terai Featuring Buckethead

From 1999, the first release from Japanese composer Shin Tarai with some random guitarist. Cool stuff.

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Game Knows Game

Rare clip of ?Buckethead doing his rendition of Eddie’s classic…

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Fancy Buckets Indeed

Wow. This is how you get down.

Sit back and enjoy.



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