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Ohio Funk Dosimetry

300 tracks and counting….. ALL OHIO FUNK youtube playlist

curated by ezraz the enfunklopedia

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Ohio Fungk Is Where It’s At

The baddest playlist around….. All OHIO, All FUNGK, ALL ON THE ONE

Ohio Players, Sun, Slave, Bootsy, Heatwave, Dayton, The Isley’s, Junie Morrison, Zapp, Aurra, Faze-O,  Lakeside, Overnight Low, Dazz Band…. if it came from Ohio we will play it.…

Good Morning Eddie

Who’s the finest electric guitarist of all time?

It’s a very short list at the very very top.

There’s likely millions of good ones, thousands of amazing ones, and probably 100’s of legends that I have heard of.


But then …

It’s Gonna Be Alright



Miss you Roger,

Pop For Me Baby

I’m taking the funk tour, stop 32 with Bootsy’s Rubber Band!

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.28.00 AM

Into The Mind Of Funk

Great discussion with Bootsy about the old days of P-Funk.

You may have seen parts of this in other shows, but I hadn’t seen the long-form version of this until now. Must see info for funkateers!


The Funk Professor – Bootsy Get Live

Believe it or not Bootsy is touring the states and you gotta see the man to be the man. Check your local listings and don’t miss this show if it comes within 400 miles of you.

I caught it last …

Everybody Do It Your Own Way

Great live found funk from Ohio’s SHAG outfit, mid-90’s. So many great parties courtesy of SHAG!

The Wood Is Good

Check out Warwick’s newly designed space bass, explained by Bootsy himself. That bass is amazing, totally out there. 4 outputs? Damn.

We’ve Got A Love Vibration

In The First Place Second Is Where You Want To Be

Some pure funk from P-Funk featuring Bootsy and Bernie:

The Early Years – Classic Freekbass


Is 14 years long enough for a song to be called a classic? When you drop some true Ohio funk, sure why not.

Check out this non-LP release from Cinci’s Freekbass and Bootsy, doing the 2YK:


Yo Freekbass!

I’ve been …

On the 2





Get Your Freek On

Excellent new funk from the man out on the streets keeping the funk alive — it’s Freekbass with Victory Redux.

Check out the rest of the super funky record (“Insomnia” ? WOW!) over at Freekbass’ Bandcamp.

Stretched Out and Shining

Here’s a rare track from US TV, circa late 80’s, with Bootsy and The Rubber Band destroying some late night. Turn this up and get your party started:


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 11.37.01 AM

It’s Been Built Inside

Bootsy on NY radio promoting a record which I missed but have since picked up and love:

If you haven’t picked up some new funk lately, check out this excellent double album from Bootsy – 17 amazing tracks for only …

The One of the One

Why funk?

Happy New Year To All … And Heeeeerrrrrreeeee’s Bootsy!!!

The mini-tour of the year (which I missed) so here’s something to kick of your celebrations tonight:

It’s been a hell of a year, so many goods some bads, some lost souls, some found miracles, but we continue on. Gotta …

A Physical Love Can Never Grow

catfish_220x186Respect the legends! Amazing vintage Bootsy and his Rubber Band, featuring a rare Catfish feature.


What’s Really Going On

Hat tip to FunkyParts and Funkprobosci for this provocative peak into the fighting behind the scenes over copyright and it’s role in society.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.50.11 AM

Indoctrinate The Youth

I’m speechless. I wish Pixar would throw a million at this guy Baptiste Jaquemet. Amazing.

Live from the Mothership

Live from the Mothership

The Formula


In case you need a review, here’s Bootsy spelling it out for you:

Record Review: Funkadelic – Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On

[originally published on WFNK.com on October 1, 1999]

funkadelic-ontheverge_1024x1024 Album Review by Coffee

Funkadelic, in my opinion is the GREATEST “black rock band” of all time. But let us put that in perspective. I am using the words- black, rock and …