Invisible Biking

You will not regret clicking that link. Photoshop fun time!


iWatch Your Health

Finally, mainstream consumer technology has noticed the health of the consumer. Instead of computers just making us fatter, lazier, and more spoiled than ever before, there’s some pushback in the form of wearable health tech, and it looks like Apple …

Pedal For Sex


Here’s motivation to get (back) in shape: A recent study shows that women can pick the best cyclist by their “hotness”. That’s right, cycling  does indeed make you hotter to strange women, and your hotness appears to be directly linked …

A Broken Bike Is Such A Drag

I started riding a bike again regularly about 4 years ago. I immediately lost weight, felt healthier, saw my town in a more interesting way, and generally started to turn into a bike nerd — without the spandex! As much …

The Cleveland Superbomb

We have a new video from 2MERICA posted. This one gets you on the bike and zooming around town with Ezraz Jones and his panfunktual bonobos. Watch out for the signs!

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 3.56.50 PM

We have some pre-winter storms rolling through so I