George Bernard Worrell, Jr.

Best known as Bernie or The Wizard of Woo, Worrell is a giant among modern composers and keyboardists.

This man could play virtually anything at a very high level. His writing, playing, and improvisation were unrivaled. From April 19, 1944 … Read the rest

I Must Endure

The mighty Funkadelic featuring Eddie Hazel on lead guitar, doing I’ll Stay.

So much sustain…..

RIP Eddie Hazel & Bernie Worrell. All time legends!

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The Modern Artist

I submit Bernie Worrell as the perfect model artist for this new age.

True, he came from the classic music world, at least the black side of it.

But before that he came from music conservatory and a strict granny. … Read the rest

Bernie Worrell 1944-2016


Pure Music.
Pure Passion.

The man was a vessel. The sounds he made were direct from his soul to yours.
His fingers were only complete when connected to the black and white keys – ivory, wood, plastic – no matter.

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Into The Mind Of Funk

Great discussion with Bootsy about the old days of P-Funk.

You may have seen parts of this in other shows, but I hadn’t seen the long-form version of this until now. Must see info for funkateers!

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Fun! Nasty Fun!

So cool turn it up

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.11.11 PM

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Hold On

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Hit It & Quit It

For sure, think about that and think on that a little more. Don’t go negative unless you lean that way. We must always learn and pace ourselves.

This is one my favorite jams of all time, monster early Funkadelic with … Read the rest

Bernie Worrell Achieves Elevation

If you know this site you know I’m a huge fan of Bernie Worrell. I think he’s one of the finest keyboardists ever – legendary – of all time – because of his note selection, his melodic composition, and the … Read the rest

Get Your Hands Off by The Bernie Worrell Orchestra Live @Forge Recording

This is how you do it! Bernie Worrell and his new BW Orchestra (complete with big brass) throwin down live in the studio, early 2013:


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Turn My Teeth Up! – Bernie Worrell & Prince Paul

I missed this collab from 2007, Bernie Worrell & Prince Paul, along with Shock G, George Clinton, Nona Hendryx, Reggie Watts, & David Byrne!

Damn that’s a lineup.


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In The First Place Second Is Where You Want To Be

Some pure funk from P-Funk featuring Bootsy and Bernie:

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Just A Touch of Magic – Bernie Worrell & Headtronics

In the summer of 2010 I loaned out this beastly 1980 synth I had at my studio for a few gigs. No one ever wants to borrow my mostly cheap, usually half-broken gear so this alone was noteworthy.

When the … Read the rest

All Over The World with Tawl Ross

There was a great album from the rare bird known as Tal (or Tawl, or Lucious, or Detrimental Vasoline) Ross that came out in 1995 called “Giant Shirley”. Tal is the original OG guitar player along with Eddie Hazel in … Read the rest

Classic Wizardry




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Introducing The Bernie Worrell Orchestra

New lineup Bernie put together with some different twists. Here they are warming up with a classic Funkadelic jam. Enjoy!

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Satellite Dish Ears

Cool article on Bernie Worrell making a home for himself.

This guy is the greatest, an amazing human and one of the finest musicians ever. A living legend who is an example for us all.


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Fancy Buckets Indeed

Wow. This is how you get down.

Sit back and enjoy.



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