The Original Tech Get Down

There are moments when things change in music. Something new is done. The future is revealed.

The 1980’s were about fusion. Not the pop and art fusion of the 60’s, or the jazz and rock fusion of the 70’s, but … Read the rest

Jam Graham

Classic throwdown from Larry Graham using that monster fuzz bass effect:

In case you want to see that slap in action:


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Tribute Time – Sheehan Plays KX on Bass

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The Late Great Jesus

My best buddy Jesus passed away this week. He was the strongest fighter I knew and his loss has left those in his world confused and bobbling.

My friend Jesus was a great man, a flawed man, an amazing musician, … Read the rest

Wanna Be Rich

Some new funk from Lonnie Marshall & Weapon of Choice, featuring Norwood Fisher. Stanky!

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The Wood Is Good

Check out Warwick’s newly designed space bass, explained by Bootsy himself. That bass is amazing, totally out there. 4 outputs? Damn.

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Dude. Bass.

So much bass goodness once the solos get going. This might be the finest collection of electric bass playing I’ve ever seen on one stage. Youtube suggestion computer with the good find…

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Get Better Marcus

Monster bassist Marcus Miller and members of his travelling party were recently injured when their bus crashed in the Swiss Alps, killing the driver. Here’s the details.

Here’s Marcus and crew in better times, doing their do.

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Ohio Funk Credentials

This cat rips through some great old funk from Slave. Here’s to the Dayton funk scene, youtube, and my late great friend Zues who played a similar rig.

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