File Under Cheesy

I love this song even though the Spyz listed it on their album as File Under Cheesy.

Yeah it’s poppy but it’s catchy and has a fat beat. I find myself humming it and quoting lyrics 28 years later. … Read the rest

Just Do For Others Like You Want Done Back To You

Great song from the spyz

and a live rendition for some fun

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Rather Die On My Feet Than Live On My Knees – 24/7 Spyz


One of my favorite bands ever. This is a nice little jam from their first album, 1989’s Harder Than You.… Read the rest

Done. – 24-7 Spyz with Eddie Martinez


24-7 Spyz with Eddie Martinez – Stuntman (HD) Live at Highline Ballroom in NYC on 1/21/13

Have some more guitar…

SMG_24-7_Spyz1Read the rest

A Tone Poem Alone…


…is love medicine. Fug, 19 years ago already? I was but a bratty lad moshing about to the hip-hop beat.

This was one of the few new sounds of it’s day – hated on by many at first, this “rap-rock” … Read the rest

Touch The Sky

Criminally underrated band 24/7 Spyz performing some sick jams for you. These guys can rip:
[removed from youtube for some bullshit reason]


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