Time of Storm

The Law and The Fist

By Krzysztof Komeda, 1964


Before a sunrise

from the four sides of the world

from the rowan paths which forests have been burnt

and wind is tired

Right and front where crops are not

The Late Great Jesus

My best buddy Jesus passed away this week. He was the strongest fighter I knew and his loss has left those in his world confused and bobbling.

My friend Jesus was a great man, a flawed man, an amazing musician, …

Appreciation Post: Jaimeson Lowell

Lots of politics and tech and life up here but through it all I keep the music spinning. We are the music makers and the music lovers.

Here’s just one of many vocal runs by 2MERICA’s chief vocalist 7M.

This …

Ambition and Excitability


I cashed a few checks today.

One was from record sales and one was from a live performance. Neither was very large but they were there.
Is this repayment for the time, sweat, and emotion spent on these artistic ventures?…

Ezzy mobiles and bits

I think we are nearing a completely mobile time.

Portability and availability combine with convenience and give us … me in the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon still managing to hit the net with some postpost.

I don’t get …

I Post ‘cuz I Say


I post cuz I say what I gots to say

I leave today

for the VA beach that is packed my oil

thou will not foil this trip, cursor!

JJ the baptist trademarked this instant

the ford family movies

rise …

Copyright 2010 style

I usually keep what I consider my good ideas secret for a bit. I’m not a fan of the vaporware (but love the marketing text!). I am breaking that rule right now with this fresh nugget.
If a book or

Waiting for Spring


Spring in Switzerland

I feel like I know all of the hairs on my face.

Not in a friendly way. I am their overlord, waiting and reviewing constantly for a whisker to in-grow.

Welcome to Rustopia

The land that time forgot
We built it and they left
You’ve gotta be tough
A forest city full of steel mills
Undo your belt for the old gray lady
The shanty town covered in oil
Rust stained trashy nightmare…

Fuel for the Fire


You have your fuel.

Then there’s your vices,

and your accomplishments.

You have your work,

and of course things that payoff in other ways.

Don’t ever forget the groundwork, that’s key

…most to all of it on the clock.

I …

Hot Story Action


Life is hard…
such an understatement
slash obvious statement
A function of the calendar maybe
but it still hits you hard
Daily, weekly

Seemingly every single season
someone goes down with an injury
Seasons change, things rearrange
while the collective …

Who is Jak Rody?


Who is Jak Rody?
and why would you care?
No answers, only ideas
We need a water pistol man
and a traveling camera
for pre-reality documentarization
Whatever is clever


Have fun look young…

10 Years Later…

There is something beyond the base –
Perhaps it is simple math
done by moving the decimal

Maybe it is as obvious as the 10 digits hanging
at the end of our arms when we are born.
Does someone missing …

Hot Trax vol.2

With speakers in my ears
I can’t tell why
People speak to me
I speak to no one
Except to my pocket
Crazy is now mainstream