Miles High

Back in action!

What You Are To Me

Early EWF telling the truth:


Modern Day Slavery

A must read from Mother Jones magazine. Former Trump Model Management clients speak about lying to immigration officials, working illegally and being exploited by Trump.


More former employees are speaking up against The Don


Makes me wonder if …

Hung Them On The Line – 420 Funk Mob Style

420 Funk Mob doing the classic Funky Woman….

Help Me Make It – Pretenders Live on TV

Great song, great band, great singer. There’s other good versions of this online but this one when getting inducted has a nice conquering tone to it.…

Freestyle Rappers Teach Scientists About Creativity

Now this is a collaboration.…

She’s Got It – Aretha Does Opera

Asked to fill-in for (and by) an ailing Pavarotti, the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin does her take on this classic aria. She had sung it only once, and in another key, before this performance. Astounding.…

Two In The Hand of Live Brides of Funkenstein

Check out the Brides of Funkenstein in full force in this rare find from 1979, featuring the amazing Blackbird McKnight on lead guitars.…

The Brand New Heavies Put The Funk Back In It


Pure Blue Goodness

Another reason I love Cleveland. Pure blue around here. Poor, hardworking people that have helped drive this country’s economy for years.

Cuyahoga Country

True Blue Baby I Love You

If you have evidence of voter fraud here it should be easy enough …

You?re Clicking It Wrong

Well that didn’t take long. Early adopters are already complaining and returning it for replacement. Nice tablet MS, too bad it requires a cheap plastic keyboard cover thing to work correctly, making it not a tablet but a really crappy …

Pundit Shaming

Your words, for review

These people push propaganda over facts, and have been openly doing it for years.


Your Face Fails

Romney Face Tattoo For Idiots


Politico does the follow-up.

Maybe he could just tell people it stands for “really retarded” ?

Sorry – people with intellectual disabilities are not dumb enough to end up like this guy.…

Finish What You Start

Paranoia Loses To Reality

So I took my free obama phone down to the local socialist party office to pick up my welfare check, and while standing in the long line with the other workers I was thinking about my lack of medical bills …

Another Romney Endorsement

Good old Mr. Burns. I can never tell the difference between the jokes written by comedy writers and the actual Republican talking points, and that’s pretty scary.

I wonder if Republicans who watch The Simpsons side with Mr. Burns? Or …


The Blues Run The Game