A Very Special Episode from 2merica

WE HAD TO HIT THE REMIX button for some youtube love. More 2merica visualizations, this one featuring a hot track from the 2nd LP called “Extraordinary Rendition”.

Turn it up and let it rip:

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Print that plastic!

arey+motion+photo++A+human+figure+in+a+black+suit+painted+with+white+stripes+jumps+through+the+airSo I broke down and had to do a promo version of the new 2merica single on CD. I was trying to stay digital only on the single, and then put the whole LP out with 5 tracks and full … Read the rest

Donations Accepted ‘Round Here




2010 :: 5 souls, 1 night :: who will survive?
Never Met Tomorrow :: the hottest 2merica yet

2merica: Never Met Tomorrow

2007 :: Panfunktual Bonobos :: Alive In the Sugar … Read the rest

Hard Copy What?

So I’m a bit surprised to see that a small percentage of music services (radio, blogs, other promotional media) continue to want submissions of physical cd’s and press kits.

Jerry Mail

They seem to do all of their music related business online,

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Online clicks and traffic — the new radio?

Since commercial radio is another world that is almost completely inaccessible to independent artists, has the internet replaced it by this point?
Are clicks, views, plays, comments, reviews, and general traffic-building online the new version of requests and radio buzz?… Read the rest

The Merch Shop (has not been forgotten)

FYI- There’s a collection of 2merica and WFNK.com merchandise for sale at our Merch Store. You can rock some funky gear, something custom and homespun (by alcoholic bull-weevils ).


Also, the new 2merica video is up on youtube and

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New 2merica video! View now…

Robot babies…

Winter Warm Up

It’s friggin freezin out so if you are stuck in looking for ways to get warm…

this might help out:

This funk playlist has been greatly expanded to better do your chit up right this winter.
With love, Ezraz
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Live from the Driver’s Seat [mixing el skorpions]

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The Flux-adel Recording Division

Ah it’s been a bit but I am here now, warming up this northside den of funk. Time to put the final mix on Track 2 from Scherzo Elskorpion, the long awaited third elpee from 2merica.Get track 1 now. Trust

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Wintra Update

The 2merican subprime scandal is in full swing. We might be below the radar, too poor to care, but feelings have been hurt and hurt again and all we are left with is our art and our shit.

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Controversial Ruling On Sampling Involves P-Funk

A Federal Appeals Court in Cincinnati ruled that “If you cannot pirate the whole sound recording, can you ‘lift’ or ‘sample’ something less than the whole? Our answer to that question is in the negative. Get a license or do … Read the rest

A Chat with Keyboard Genius Bernie Worrell

Originally published @ WFNK.com on 08/01/1999


During a heatwave sweeping the eastern united states in July of 1999, I got music legend Bernie Worrell (1944-2016) on the phone for a candid conversation about his new band The WOO Warriors, the
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