The Flux-adel Recording Division

Ah it’s been a bit but I am here now, warming up this northside den of funk. Time to put the final mix on Track 2 from Scherzo Elskorpion, the long awaited third elpee from 2merica.Get track 1 now. Trust

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Spring has sprung!


So its been a long while i know
But much has been happening around me
Since i last opened my space
And your face to my reality

A new studio has sprung
Bigger harder stronger than the last one
The … Read the rest

Wintra Update

The 2merican subprime scandal is in full swing. We might be below the radar, too poor to care, but feelings have been hurt and hurt again and all we are left with is our art and our shit.

The grand … Read the rest

Hot Story Action


Life is hard…
such an understatement
slash obvious statement
A function of the calendar maybe
but it still hits you hard
Daily, weekly

Seemingly every single season
someone goes down with an injury
Seasons change, things rearrange
while the collective … Read the rest

Who is Jak Rody?


Who is Jak Rody?
and why would you care?
No answers, only ideas
We need a water pistol man
and a traveling camera
for pre-reality documentarization
Whatever is clever


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Cure for Insomnia

Combine a French movie trilogy by a Polish director clocking in at over 8 hours,

mix with cell phone soduko,

and administer in a seriously darkened room with big soft pillows and high thread count.


Note: this recipe can induce … Read the rest

Climbing with Desperate Youth

aka we are going to see TV on the Radio with friends tonight!


YES INDEED. TVOTR, the first new band
I’ve fell in love with in several years
is playing our neighborhood for the 1st time.
It’s exciting times for … Read the rest

10 Years Later…

There is something beyond the base –
Perhaps it is simple math
done by moving the decimal

Maybe it is as obvious as the 10 digits hanging
at the end of our arms when we are born.
Does someone missing … Read the rest

Out, Done Again! [aka Release with Completion]

See here see here!
The 2nd one is done!

2merica presents:
Sensors & Switches & Buttons
The 2nd el-pee.
see and hear it @

Boo-hoo—you can’t buy it just yet….
should be in all the digital stores in 3-6 … Read the rest

Hot Trax vol.2

With speakers in my ears
I can’t tell why
People speak to me
I speak to no one
Except to my pocket
Crazy is now mainstream

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Here Comes the G.O.A.T.

2 days from now we leave the archery
with the arrival of the goat
not the greatest of all time
but trying to be the best we can be
the rhythm section of life
ah yes the capricorns
spring flings … Read the rest

Blogging From the Throne

i’m not on the toilet
but it’s a cool title
i read or think or sometimes plan to write while on the toilet
usually quick about my business
i now stay wherever my butt is warm for at least 5 … Read the rest

Controversial Ruling On Sampling Involves P-Funk

A Federal Appeals Court in Cincinnati ruled that “If you cannot pirate the whole sound recording, can you ‘lift’ or ‘sample’ something less than the whole? Our answer to that question is in the negative. Get a license or do … Read the rest

Blackalicious Remixing Fela Kuti

Long admired afro-pop pioneer and political firebrand Fela Kuti is getting a remix from none other than Blackalicious’ Chief Xcel.

“Underground Spiritual Game,” a mix CD of Kuti’s music, is being released in the states (it was previously only … Read the rest

Better 3 Years Late Than Never?

sony-nw-99-02-500x500The music industry, ever pro-active and cutting edge, has finally decided to try and sell music in a digital file format.

I have heard some good and many bad things about this new scheme (mainly that it won’t do much … Read the rest

Album Review: Slave (1977)

Album Review By Super J

[originally published at on 08/01/2000]



Slave’s debut album came in 1977. With 9 members, the album promised to give us power funk and it doesn’t disappoint.

The sound of the album reminds me … Read the rest

Dope Dog Tuesday Night: P-Funk Live Review, October 1999

The Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH
October 19, 1999

Almost 2000 people packed into the legendary Agora Ballroom on a cold Tuesday night to witness what was falsely billed as “the reunion of Parliament-Funkadelic”.

The last time the All-Stars played the … Read the rest

Record Review: Funkadelic – Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On

[originally published on on October 1, 1999]

funkadelic-ontheverge_1024x1024 Album Review by Coffee

Funkadelic, in my opinion is the GREATEST “black rock band” of all time. But let us put that in perspective. I am using the words- black, rock and … Read the rest