Musical Taste

IMHO covers are an important part of an music artist’s repertoire. They show contrast to their songwriting style, and if you know the original they allow you to hear their voice and sound on a familiar song.

Live Clash

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It’s All Designed To Take Us To The Sky

He is truly free from the need to be free… .Eddie Hazel & Funkadelic

You know what?

Also must share a decent cover of this Funkadelic classic. Note that most artists don’t cover Funkadelic…. kinda easy to fail at that.… Read the rest


Ezraz znowu tworzy muzyk?!

That’s right, I’m making music again.

I have 2-4 releases in the can that might come out in 2019. 2 from 2MERICA, 1 from Roaming Crazy, maybe something else too.

I just put out a retrospective … Read the rest

Best Eva, She Said

Some smooth sounds from your favorite underground band, 2MERICA:

Written by JP Abramczyk & Ezraz. Recorded at The Flux-Adel Dreams Compound

The pre-cursor to the Roaming Crazy lifestyle!

Times get tough. You shed the blood and the sweat and … Read the rest

Roll All Night Long

Feels so good…

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New Town, Same Goal: Publish

I recently moved across the country with my family. This was a huge task and required a giant leap of faith. We jumped up and love it.

In Cleveland and Cincinnati, my ethos as an artist was to publish mightilyRead the rest

Roaming Crazy Clothing Launched

This is crazy, this is awesome. We are so proud of the new

Roaming Crazy lifestyle brand.

Enjoy. Gear up. Just in time for christmas!

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Lebron’s Impact

The year Lebron left the Cavs the 1st time, they went from first to last place.

The year Lebron left the Cavs the 2nd time, they are going from first to last.

That’s the reality.

Last time he left, the … Read the rest

When She Believes

Great song by Ben Harper:

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Let’s Review What Trump Has Changed About America

  • There are 15 cases in the courts right now where the accused is using Trump’s rhetoric as a DEFENSE against, and justification for, their violent, criminal actions. They are quoting our president as justification for hurting other americans. In some
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Morons With Power

The very best of Giminy Glick, the funniest interviewer on television.

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Stone Cold Shame

Go ahead, put your red dress on!

Great song by TVOTR

First a live jam from back when it came out:

Then the smokin studio version:

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If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck…

master and student

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I Am Nothing

Look at me, a king on a throne!

Great old soul from Detroit.

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She’s Just Another Girl


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My Love Runs From My Head Down To My Toes

Play the game

play the game

play the game

play the game of love!

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Soul Brothers


Ray Charles & Milt Jackson.


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The Snakefoot Is Funky

I don’t know what it is

but it sure is funky

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