Oil Disaster, Day 49

The first ever Northside Nights went off successfully Thursday night, complete with some hitches. ‘What did I miss’ you might wonder?

A random night of Cleveland music and culture, just pressing my ear to the track and spinning nothing but … Read the rest

Called a “Spin Doctor” by The Scene

Check your boy getting some local pub for the Northside Nights:

Thanks Scene for the mention, it should be a good time Thursday night. If you are in town please do make an appearance.

my face has more than

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Northside Nights – Cleveland Music Night @ The Duck!


Cleveland, Ohio – May 19, 2010 – Looking to support local artists, multi-media and genre-jumping DJ Raz is launching Northside Nights – Cleveland Music Night at The Duck Island Club on the first Thursday of every month.… Read the rest

Hurry Up With This

There’s this chore robot, which I’ve been waiting for since I was a young dirt diggin’ chore hatin’ fool.

Maybe they’ll get these things to market by the time I retire. Then my old robot lady can keep the

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Touching on the Pad

The ipad is gonna be everywhere in 1-2 years.

All those people saying “how could I replace my laptop with that” are lying about how much work they do. Most people I know spend at least 75% of their … Read the rest

technology lets me…

..post while tracking. Nice, very nice. Finally got the wifi working down at The Flux-adel Recording Division! Hopefully this doesn’t cut into our productivity (er what productivity). But anyway right now as I type this we are tracking and I … Read the rest

Welcome to Rustopia

A land that time forgot
We built and they left
You’ve gotta be tough in
a forest city of steel mills
Undo your belt for the old gray lady
A shanty town covered in oil
My rust-stained trashy nightmare… Read the rest

Hard Copy What?

So I’m a bit surprised to see that a small percentage of music services (radio, blogs, other promotional media) continue to want submissions of physical cd’s and press kits.

Jerry Mail

They seem to do all of their music related business online,

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Stardate 1272010


better start saving, you know you are gonna get pad envy…

Posted via email from 2M :: REAX

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Fuel for the Fire


You have your fuel.

Then there’s your vices,

and your accomplishments.

You have your work,

and of course things that payoff in other ways.

Don’t ever forget the groundwork, that’s key

…most to all of it on the clock.

I … Read the rest

Your Daily Forecast

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how stupid some people are. I try to stay humble and self-deprecating.

I know i’m flawed.

This internet, these blogs, this youtube, these bookmarks are supposed to make us more informed.More educational materials are available … Read the rest

Whenever You Feel Blue, Take A Breath Again

Midterms have come and gone
Thank god someone else is paying attention out there
Where the hell were you in 2004?
Now let the games begin…

The liberals will be blamed for losing a war
The war that they were … Read the rest

Controversial Ruling On Sampling Involves P-Funk

A Federal Appeals Court in Cincinnati ruled that “If you cannot pirate the whole sound recording, can you ‘lift’ or ‘sample’ something less than the whole? Our answer to that question is in the negative. Get a license or do … Read the rest

Better 3 Years Late Than Never?

sony-nw-99-02-500x500The music industry, ever pro-active and cutting edge, has finally decided to try and sell music in a digital file format.

I have heard some good and many bad things about this new scheme (mainly that it won’t do much … Read the rest