Ohio FUNK Finds New Home

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Turn To Stone

The legend Joe Walsh with his mid-70’s swag

This song is what I feel about my country right now, as the crazies take over.


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Landed On Me

Count Basie and his boys live in 1958. Dat’s how you do it!

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I’ll Never Get Enough

Great band from the 80’s-90’s – Faith No More. This was the debut track from their biggest selling LP:


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Here To Gardenia

Whatchu want?

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Hotter Than Ever

Been wondering lately


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Take da funk off

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you can’t trump the funk

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Forgotten Audio Formats: MP3

The year was 1994.

Music was as popular as it’s ever been, with rock bands like Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins, pop artists like Ace of Base and Mariah Carey, and soul artists like Boyz II Men and Janet Jackson … Read the rest

What Trump Represents

Donald Trump represents the dark side of human nature: ugliness, ignorance and fear.

I cannot support that in any way.

There is no give him a chance.

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Proper Digital Audio Playback

The PonoPlayer got it right, whether they survive as a business or not.

There is a right way and a quick way to build a digital audio playback circuit.

The following information comes from Charlie Hansen, the designer of the … Read the rest

Deserted Demo Version

Early Blind Melon featuring the ghostly vocals of Shannon Hoon.

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