Palms Get Sweaty and Backsides Get Tight

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Cleveland Cavs

This is the year Cleveland, embrace it!


The breakout star of the finals will be Kyrie Irving. There’s still some people sleeping on this dude. He’s got the best handle in basketball. He’s perhaps the best finisher at the rim while rarely dunking. His jumper is liquid. He’s almost Steph Curry level in his difficulty to guard.

In last years Finals, on a bad knee he had like 23/7 against Curry before blowing his knee out completely.




I can’t argue with the credentials and abilities of the Golden State Warriors. They are not easy to beat. They are beatable but almost impossible to kill in a 7 game series.

This isn’t about them. This is about the new champs taking it from the current champs. This is about power and finesse and hopefully some hard 90’s style fouls.

I don’t have a ton of analysis this year, I just feel it. Cavs in 6 or 5, it won’t get close to a game 7.

Party time this summer

Photo Credit: David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo Credit: David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

  • 2 blowouts in oakland. cavs are not looking sharp. warriors are looking as good as they ever have, just picking the cavs apart.

    now the question is will cleveland get it together and avoid a sweep or is this thing just part of the 73 win wonder season?

  • we have a series. warriors fans got their early celebration started and cleveland beat them in oracle. game 6 back in the Q and this is anyone’s series again.

    i thought the cavs had about a 25% chance of taking that game. They showed a lot of heart and some timely good shooting. Stephon Curry was again the regular season MVP but throwing up lots of garbage in the finals. Klay started strong but couldn’t contain Kyrie.

    Good stuff, can’t wait until Thursday.

  • it’s gonna get close to a game 7 that was wrong

  • i’m imagining the future, you are just being an asshole.

    or something like that (drunk history nikola tesla episode)

  • city of champions!
    breakfast of champions!
    typing as champions!

  • OH what a series. Reliving it again now.
    Two heavyweights, two teams at the top of their game, two giants battling for all the marbles.

    The cavs win 3 straight, first time ever coming back from 3-1.
    First Time Ever!