Cartoon Trump

A small bomb?


Put Me In A Spin

Great cover by The Tom Tom Club

complete with video bonus of random pretty women.

This Old World Is Too Funky For Me

Hot Jam from the last Crusaders album, featuring Joe Cocker:

My Radio Ain’t Active It’s Dead

My radio is a body without the head

My radio ain’t active

it’s dead.

Put your roots in the grass.


Magical 2nd Track


Living Colour circa 1988

When you have your first certified hit as track #1 on your first album, track #2 becomes really important.  Track 2 = What else can this band do?

If track 2 sounds like track 1 – …

Every Kind Of People

Oh the 70’s


Wishing The Days Away

Great song by an amazing songwriter:


Commercial Breaks

34849332_614Priming the pump…. 2MERICA isn’t over
it might just be beginning


You Can’t Hide Don’t Lie

Straight up


On The Gilded Highway

There’s genre bending, then there’s …. WOW.

Watch this singer do a live mashup on Spain’s Got Talent, pretty cool:

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 9.32.23 AM

Anyone Want To Help Me Build A Wall?

The Trews So Trews.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.50.51 PM

Do It To Me I’ll Do It To You

What you be about?

Hip-hop is 37 years old. At least.…

Undercover At A Trump Rally

This brave guy donned a trucker hat and a dumb t-shirt and attended a Trump rally.

It’s no surprise what he found – a mass of fat, uneducated flesh salivating at any pro-wrestling style fake punch that Trump threw.  …

Trump Islands

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 2.43.41 PM

Funny stuff, and close to accurate, which in turn makes it scary.

See the whole world through donny’s eyes here.


Soft Shoe Booty

All this political bullying and watching that 78 year old redneck Trump fan punch the young black guy being held by cops (and almost get away with it but for camera phones) has me in a hip-hop mood. Old school …

Living For The Live

There’s a lot going on in this clip. It’s pretty good.

Ray Charles + Stevie Wonder, doing one of Stevie’s funk songs, with neither of their bands, for an awards show. It looks like the late 80’s with plastic keyboards …

Battle of Tributation

Stevie Wonder is a monster musical genius, capable of perfection at every angle. Tribute shows are the big thing now, and I’m not complaining. Anytime someone can throw down the cash needed to properly work these songs up and make …

The Fire Is Out There Is No Doubt

Great song by Stevie Wonder, going back to 1974 for some joyful breakup blues:

Stevie and Michael in studio, 1974

Michael and Stevland in studio, 1974

Apple Is Fighting For Our Digital Future

The FBI is doing a criminal investigation on a mass murder committed by americans. Some call it a terrorist attack, some don’t. Either way it’s a high profile case for the Obama justice department.

The couple that committed the crimes …

Draft Dodging Bastards

The most republican thing about Donny Drumpf is his draft avoidance.  Seems the guys that talk the toughest are the biggest weasels, as usual.

Dick Cheney: “I can’t go to army, daddy! I’ll go to college, get married, and start …

Mein Drumpf

He has studied. He can read both words and people. He is not foolish.

Demagogue. Look it up if you don’t know the word.

The body language is the same. The slogans similar. The crowd control identical.

The argument is …

Louis CK On Trump

Executive producer Louis C.K. participates in a panel for the FX Networks series "Baskets" during the Television Critics Association (TCA) Cable Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, California January 16, 2016. REUTERS/Kevork Djansezian - RTX22P7F


Louie just went on a long rant about donny and what’s going on out there in his fan email list. As usual he nails it 100%, down to the last excruciatingly personal detail about how we are all feeding …

Road Runner Sr.

Birds are fast – most in the air, a few on the ground.

Check out this ostrich running at a relaxed 30MPH with cyclists. Pretty amazing. Supposedly these birds are able to run for hours at high speed, besting most …

Boat Weirdos

This sounds amazing on my ponoplayer. Here’s video spinning the original 45. Great song!


Fox News Paid For By Fracking

FoxNews is a trip these days. The republican party is split and they are stuck in the middle of it. Ratings are up and every single commercial break is the energy industry – shale fracking in particular – taking over …

The Kids React To Donny Drumpf

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.26.56 AM

Thank god these kids see through the act. I ran across a group of kids spouting Trump sayings last week and I wanted to take them to their parents and be like ‘what the fuck!?!’

It’s amazing – the GOP …

I Guess I’ll Do The Show

A great intro by the 52 year old Steve Martin haha

Steve Martin


Friendly Fascism


Great stuff – predicting the future in 1991:

The underrated progressive, hard to photograph 90's band Consolidated.

The underrated progressive, hard to photograph 90’s band Consolidated.


Reminds me of the O’Jays song Where Did We Go Wrong?

Good thing Consolidated leader Adam Shelburne is still doing music, now …

For Now I’ll Just Leave It At That

Ryan will be the nominee. I’ve been saying it for weeks.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 5.04.41 PM


The speaker of the house spoke out today. He carries with him the fear that trump-mania won’t translate down ticket. Drumpf might be a singular media force that …

Donny Drumpf Kicks Out Black Students Standing Silently

Donny Drumpf goes to speak at a college in Georgia. Students show up to hear what he has to say.

A group of 15+ students show up wearing mostly black and go to their seats. They are african-american. Once they …