Make Donald Drumpf Again

John Oliver takes down Trump. It’s too easy.

The Drumpf’s changed it to Trump.  Donny is full of gas.

Make Donald Drumpf Again


I’m gonna get me one of those hats.

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Closing Every Chapter On Anything But Laughter

This youtube stream won’t do this song justice — the textures coming off the synths is just too much for mp3 to handle.  Get The Headphone Masterpiece by Cody ChesnuTT and enjoy the full thing:


What’s That Sound What’s That Sound?

Is it Freekbass gettin’ down?

I don’t think so. Not funky enough.

It’s an unknown sound disrupting an Oregon town and it has experts stumped.

It’s a high-pitched squeal almost like a boiling tea kettle or crazy flute, has …

About Uber

I like progress. I like convenience. I like affordable services. I like apps. I like technology when it is used to take some of the toil out of life.

With that said, I should like the Uber ride sharing service. …

Pro Torture, Pro Deferment Republicans

Donny says he’s pro-torture:

“I said they’re chopping off our heads in the Middle East. They want to kill us. They want to kill us. They want to kill our country. They want to knock out our cities. And don’t

Floating In My Tin Can


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Don’t Try To Fight It

I love covers & I love proper video production so I can’t help but post when I find it:

Here’s a clip of Lauryn Hill, her band, and The Roots doing a Bob Marley cover on Jimmy Fallon’s old show. …

Let’s Roll

Stomp with me

For whatever reason, maybe the outfit, maybe the material, I don’t know, but Angus Young seems to be underrated. This is a monster guitarist. He and his brother formed one of the finest rock guitar combos ever.…

Music Everywhere

Random act of music: Lunch at the cafeteria in Vietnam

Stay for the guitar solo!

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.06.28 PM

February Horserace Update

The horserace is getting interesting now with Valentines Day around the corner. The Republicans are facing armegeddon, the Democrats facing deja-vu.


On the redneck side there’s donny wreaking havoc. He’s bullied his way to the front of the pack, …

It’s Gonna Be Alright



Miss you Roger,

The Full Power Of Bone

Click bait headlines continue!

Ignoring Pussy

Made you click!


Donny just called Teddy a P-U-S-S-Y

Because he doesn’t enjoy torture enough.

On mic, in front of a podium.

Called that man a pussy. For not torturing enough.

Like Donny always does, he hid behind barely-plausible …

Talk Your Way Out Of It

Happy Holidays.

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Streaming’s Shortcomings

Unknown-1images Unknown

If everyone got their music from streaming?  That’s a big problem.


  1. has no cross promotion with local events or the local economy.
  2. has no cross promotion with local unsigned bands.
  3. has no direct connection back to the artist.

  4. completely

The Worst Don Moment Yet?

OK this one’s getting creepy – here’s a photo featuring donald the proud papa at one of his resorts with his then-15 year old daughter Ivanka, done for Vanity Fair.


Um. yeah. What’s that saying, you can’t un-see that. Wow. …

Thanks For The Memories

How does it feel? Get down get with it. Mama, we’re all crazy now.

Like Prize Giving, This

Feeling Kinks today led me to some live 70’s TV stuff where Ray Davies pulls out a chestnut:

The whole show is nice but watching Ray introduce and deliver on Celluloid Heroes is something special. If the embed doesn’t work …

The Stool Is Dust


A nice explanation of the donald phenomena here – basically he’s smarter than he acts and he’s in no way a conservative. He’s his usual opportunist self, sensing that the GOP was so weak that it was ripe for conquest.…