Trump And The Nazi Americans

Nice summary of Trump’s outright racist supporters, and a robocall explaining how to rank immigration “priorities”: TRUMP!


More radical than the KKK. OK.

By the way – Mr. Trump calls himself The Don.  Think about that. He calls himself that.

White supremacists for Trump!

White supremacists for Trump!

  • racists love trump and don appreciates their support.
    don, is it true your dad was racist too?
    don, is it true woody guthrie himself wrote songs about how racist your dad was?
    don, is it true, is it true
    that you are a demagogue
    an american strongman bullying your way through the redneck party
    with lies and insults and bully-business tactics?
    yes indeed.

  • kinda obvious here but keep it up, the truth must be posted.