What’s Next For Pono?

Good video interview with the CEO of Pono about their newfound buzz and orders needing fulfilled.

Here’s another QA Session with the same fellow that gives you further details on the pono player and the pono store.

Unemployed No I Got Work

Gift of Gab doing his thing:



Hidden Masterpiece

My Life from The Ohio Players. Great jam, great lyrics, outstanding drums, just genius all around!


Super Human Stowaway


So a teenager gets in a fight with his parents and runs away.

EF U he surely screams!

Fast forward, the kid wakes up in LA, disoriented and in police custody, surely missing his parents.

Standard story, except this kid …

Cowboys To Girls

Great song, bad lip-sync:

The Doggone Girl

John Legend and Stephen Colbert channeling Michael and Mac!

How Many More Times?

Alabama Shakes doing Zeppelin in London. Nice.…

Will Apple Go HD in Audio?

Rumors are swirling that Apple will soon announce a major upgrade to it’s iTunes Music Store, and one of the features will be 24-bit lossless files for sale!

They might even use Led Zeppelin to push the new higher quality, …

Reverse Images Of Classic Album Covers

Ever wonder what an album cover might look like if seen from the back?



The Music Is Coming Through Me

Great classic DJ Shadow, kicking off the “DJ as artist” genre in the mid 90’s:


Winning The Late Night Wars


Good write up on the soon to be retiring David Letterman:


Falling Debris

Check out this amazing story about a norwegian skydiver who almost got cut in half by a meteorite. Seriously.

shorter version:

R.I.P. Knuckles

One of the finest DJ’s ever, a guy who opened his own club to DJ his mix of music, called the Warehouse, which in turn helped birth the genre “House”. Genre games are stupid – this is top end dance …

The Wood Is Good

Check out Warwick’s newly designed space bass, explained by Bootsy himself. That bass is amazing, totally out there. 4 outputs? Damn.