The Other Side of Paradise

It’s blowing, white, zero degrees out right now. Old Man with snowblower is like a cat herder.

The shittier it gets the more I use music to keep warm. Thinking of summer days with some classic Neville Brothers:

BTW – You can hear this track and thousands more for free on  The1 is programmed by a human & distributed by robots. This ain’t no shuffle! This is the world’s first audio pharmaceutical.




Computer Shoes Zap You With Feedback

There have been shoe computers before. Since the early 1980’s people have been shoving embedded computers of some sort into their shoes for mileage and step tracking. Apple & Nike have been doing this for 15 years too.

Now, started as a system to assist the blind, there are shoes that will track your location and give you “haptic” feedback (physical). Walking the wrong way? Bzzzzz. Walking into a no-pedestrian zone? Buzz. Walking away from a hacker’s pre-determined location? Buzz!!!  Running from the police? Buzz buzz buzz!!!!



Through Being Cool

Bob Casale, guitarist and programmer for DEVO passed away yesterday. Here’s a tribute from his brother.

DEVO is one of the most important bands in history. They are not the easiest to listen to. They don’t have the largest catalog of hits. And they surely are odd to watch.

But Devo is short for de-evolution, and as an american art project it’s right on point. Starting in the early 70’s, Devo forced us into the modern world. Punks with sequencers when no one had an idea what a sequencer was. These guys were so early in the game they were practically building their own digital instruments, and then playing them in sync with guitars, drums, and keys. Very sick, very ballsy.


Their remakes of classic rock riffs put the post-modern touch to the heavy and serious tone coming out of the Vietnam era (finally), while at the same time celebrating them at the expense of current dance music trends. Their version of Satisfaction blew me away.

Devo the band was composed with a set of 2 brothers from Akron Ohio, an interesting lineup, and one that stayed intact the entire 40 years!

The Internet Is Owned – Act Accordingly

The top guy at Kaspersky Labs, one of the top security/encryption geeks walking, and one of the more restrained ones, dropped this bombshell during his keynote at their latest security conference:

“I operate under the principle that my computer is owned by at least three governments”  – Costin Raiu

That’s it, folks, the party is over. The internet is owned, as in it is fully compromised. The NSA, it’s competition, and rogue hackers have won over the freedom lovers.


The faster we understand this and react accordingly, the quicker we can move to the next phase of digital communications. If you assume everything (yes everything!) you do on this internet thing is being monitored, analyzed, and perhaps exploited somewhere around the globe, well that’s not the same as the internet we originally had.

Maybe we get rid of passwords now? Just a false sense of security there.

I got on the thing not yet called the internet around 1987. It grew into one if not the most amazing human developed resources ever. But like so many other greats, it didn’t make it past 27 years old.


Pedal For Sex


Here’s motivation to get (back) in shape: A recent study shows that women can pick the best cyclist by their “hotness”. That’s right, cycling  does indeed make you hotter to strange women, and your hotness appears to be directly linked to your ranking on the bike! The better you perform the hotter you are!

It’s kind of amazing (beyond the “no shit” element) that these 816 random people (2/3 women), without knowing anything about these 80 men and their comparable successes, do indeed apply a sexiness ranking equalling their sports ranking.

This definitely flies against the ‘gold-digger’ concept. With an unknown life ranking, the potential mate successfully ordered them in nearly the same order as the timekeeper.


Another Great Goes Young

Heroin is making a killing these days. Stay clear of the death, please, and if you know someone that needs help reach out. Be safe, be smart, and don’t be a fool. Things that can kill you are not to be trifled with! For a buzz? If you need that edge of thrill then ride your bike around the city or take up skydiving. I also suggest musical therapy as a cure-all. But let’s remember those weaker than us that took the plunge and never returned. It’s hard out there these days. Lots of lying and self-gratifying mirages.

R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman, a young and accomplished 46, found dead with needle dangling. Early reports say the poor man was clean for 23 years and then this. I’ve been told it never leaves you, which is the best reason ever for not trying it.


Apple Slapped The Hardware Geeks

It’s known I’ve been a fan of Apple Inc. since nearly the beginning of Apple Inc. I buy into their mission statement. Their products have rarely let me down, and I’ve owned hundreds at this point. Products should be designed to be loved, especially ones that you interact with for many hours a day, and Apple puts the time and money into design and reliability testing.

The anti-apple crowd’s alpha-geek is the “DIY PC” crowd. These people actually enjoy building their computer’s part by part. They enjoy matching components, clicking them together in a custom case, and troubleshooting all the hardware/driver issues. They are equivalent to someone who is custom mounting a Chevy motor in a Ford with Ferrari seats, sitting in their garage. The real crazy ones even drive the thing to work every day.

These are serious nerds, folks. The new Mac Pro is forcing compliments out of them.

Because of this love of computer guts, they usually have no problem living with open cases, wire spaghetti cables going all over the place, loud fans, and messy cheap boxes of plastic crap laying all over their house. In fact they want that, for this is the image of a serious nerd.

Yes I’m stereotyping. I’m sure a small percentage of these folks own a vacuum and keep their cases screwed on, or a companion to make them put that ugly shit away.

Anyway – these guys generally dismiss Apple’s workstations. Of course, they rarely chirp about the laptops or other portables, because they can’t “DIY” things that small. They also stopped targeting iMac’s with their rants because, again, they can’t DIY something that shape.

The new Apple workstation, however, must be cheating or something, because these guys can’t seem to DIY anything even close at the price Apple is offering them at (with warranty and free apple store support).

Anway, nerdy I know, but I love the drama of the platform wars, and anti-Apple stuff is always the best when Apple drops a superior product.