The Other Side of Paradise

It’s blowing, white, zero degrees out right now. Old Man with snowblower is like a cat herder.

The shittier it gets the more I use music to keep warm. Thinking of summer days with some classic Neville Brothers:

BTW – …

Computer Shoes Zap You With Feedback

There have been shoe computers before. Since the early 1980’s people have been shoving embedded computers of some sort into their shoes for mileage and step tracking. Apple & Nike have been doing this for 15 years too.

Now, started …

Comedy Genius RIP

Sad, another movie star favorite passes on. Harold Ramis, too funny, so funny, you will be missed.

For It Is The Cry Of Women

Night Sky

Night Talk (@ The Mansion) — nice 2MERICA jam from a few years back:


Global Forest Watch


Love those trees. We get help from trees on lots of things, including this little thing called breathing.

Global Forest Watch has teamed up with Google to monitor the planet’s greenery. Knowledge is power!


Sweet Love of Mine

now that’s a cover.


Through Being Cool

Bob Casale, guitarist and programmer for DEVO passed away yesterday. Here’s a tribute from his brother.

DEVO is one of the most important bands in history. They are not the easiest to listen to. They don’t have the largest …

Sure Is Funky In Here

Live P-Funk from the ’81 tour, ah mazing:

Most Valuable Ohio Player


Kyrie Irving. I figured he’d do well in a game where defense is optional.



To Keep You Satisfied

I love music. I love Beatles. I love studios. I love lamp.


Going Nowhere Fast

Great rare unheralded funk from Clip Payne and the 420 Funk Mob.…

The Internet Is Owned – Act Accordingly

The top guy at Kaspersky Labs, one of the top security/encryption geeks walking, and one of the more restrained ones, dropped this bombshell during his keynote at their latest security conference:

“I operate under the principle that my computer is

Library sticks 1 million pics on Flickr and asks for help making them useful

Fun times if you are looking to kill a few hundred hours….

British Library sticks 1 million pics on Flickr, asks for help making them useful | Ars Technica.


Pedal For Sex


Here’s motivation to get (back) in shape: A recent study shows that women can pick the best cyclist by their “hotness”. That’s right, cycling  does indeed make you hotter to strange women, and your hotness appears to be directly linked …

Another Great Goes Young

Heroin is making a killing these days. Stay clear of the death, please, and if you know someone that needs help reach out. Be safe, be smart, and don’t be a fool. Things that can kill you are not to …

Engineers Invent Acoustic Equivalent of One-Way Glass

Engineers Invent Acoustic Equivalent of One-Way Glass – Slashdot.

Wild stuff. One way sound?


Apple Slapped The Hardware Geeks

It’s known I’ve been a fan of Apple Inc. since nearly the beginning of Apple Inc. I buy into their mission statement. Their products have rarely let me down, and I’ve owned hundreds at this point. Products should be designed …