Lets Trace The Hits – Don’t Sweat The Technique – Eric B. & Rakim

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Back in the day…

A Golden Oldie from Ezraz


Back when I was a little bitty baby boy, here’s “Touch Me” from the first DJ Raz release:

56 Years of Frenzy – Screamin Jay Hawkins

Going all the way back to 1957, it’s Cleveland’s Rock Ambassador Screamin’ Jay Hawkins with “Frenzy”:

2000 Brain Cells To Go – Classic Basehead

Ladies and Gentlemen…. Bass head (Yo it’s base head man!)


Fuzzface and The 3rd Eye Girls Go Crazy

“But these go to 11” says Prince as he and his new band 3rd Eye Girl slam through a distortion drenched bluesy version of Let’s Go Crazy. So funky, and may be coming to a town near you soon.…

Fear Not Of Men – Mos Def’ Words of Wisdom

A lot of things have changed. A lot of things have not.

Divine Beat – Before Mecca by Divine Styler

We Can Make It If We Try – Come To The Mini-Maker Faire!

maker1There is a cool new thing sweeping the globe called the Makers Faire, where people of all types and businesses gather to show what they make, how they make it, and sometimes even let you get involved in making …

The Whole World Is Turning – Live Minnie Ripperton

Won’t Somebody Please Give Me Peace of Mind – Al Kooper & Shuggie Otis

Great rare cut by Al Kooper and a teenage Shuggie Otis from 1969:

I’m A Player, You’re A Player

4k UltraHD Visuals Coming Soon – Where’s The Audio?

TV’s advance in resolution again – HD, 1080p HD, and coming soon 4k UltraHD. This thing can push 2160p to your eyeballs but it’s gonna cost you $5k for the small one, and $6k for the larger.

So this …

Facebook Wants To Kill Your Apps (and the Free Internet)

Recently Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s first website was discovered in a cache somewhere. It was from the late 90’s and little Mark was in 9th grade and learned how to make a HTML page and post to some defunct blogging …

The Computer Age by Newcleus

vintage 1982 stylee!

Kicking On The Floor Like A Junebug

To every bad cover band everywhere – do your thing, keep on keepin on!



The Stupid Party

Happy Friday!

Coming Back Down From Mars Crushing Cars

Another great from Outkast:

Still Smokin’ On The Scene

Got Hot Wax and It’s Cookin’ On The Griddle – Live Spearhead

In the radio studio with Michael Franti & Spearhead 1994-ish:

You Won’t Be Complainin’… As Much

Tell me when you need it again…