Sly Stone & Richard Pryor Live


It’s like the Jimmy Fallon show from 1974. 2 legends bustin balls

Live Tele by Radio – Province

Solo Music In The Round – Live Dosh

I saw this guy perform years ago and mis-remembered his name, making it impossible to find anything by him.

I have been known to write like this in the studio but never put together a live show to this extent. …

A Tone Poem Alone…


…is love medicine. Fug, 19 years ago already? I was but a bratty lad moshing about to the hip-hop beat.

This was one of the few new sounds of it’s day – hated on by many at first, this “rap-rock” …

Happy Birthday Hugh!

Big Day For Hugh Janus – Watch More Funny Videos

The Rise of High Definition Audio – Save The Audio!

Hear My Pixels

If eyes were treated like ears.

Ah finally, I’m not alone on the internet! Someone agrees it’s time to retire the MP3 and bring on high def digital audio.

We keep upping the resolution of our digital lives but …

Easin In The Funk – Monday Mix Kickoff

vinyl DJ

A Guy Called Gerald drops some old school funk to help you ease into your week.

The True Story of the Iraq War

RC: 1100: Phone call to Prime Minister Spidla of the Czech Republic to inform and to thanks for support of Iraq policy. OVP

US Vice President Dick Cheney makes a phone call to Prime Minister Spidla of the Czech Republic to inform and to thank for support of Iraq policy, 3/19/2003.

Here’s a behind the scenes account of how, why, and who the …

He Saved The Nation – Happy B-Day Sly!

By 1969, thee United States were being torn apart by war, racism, sexism, assassinations, and hate of all stripes.

Then Sly & The Family Stone went big time. They showed us the way forward in so many ways.

We could …

Smash Up Ohio Players vs Adele



No Turning Back With Cody ChesnuTT

Since I don’t really pay attention to anyone’s social media noise I know I miss stuff, but you know, I usually find it in good time.

From last summer, here’s a great peak into the Okayplayer studios with Cody Chesnutt …

9 Days In He Remembers…

Haha watch how by the 9th day he starts to avoid the slap when waking up.

Just A Touch of Magic – Bernie Worrell & Headtronics

In the summer of 2010 I loaned out this beastly 1980 synth I had at my studio for a few gigs. No one ever wants to borrow my mostly cheap, usually half-broken gear so this alone was noteworthy.

When the …

All I Want To Do Is Run My Own Universe with Blackalicious

In My Time Of Dying by Led Zeppelin

I have to get this DVD “Celebration Day” – the last show Zep did, a few years back in London, that is getting great reviews. They had Jason Bonham on skins and Jon Paul Jones in full force this time, …

Be Yourself with Cameo

Hard funk from Cameo, checking out the new thing called a music video. I have a concept – stand in a white room and pretend you are playing a gig. Wear your best 80’s gear, this is going to be …

Why Does This Hatred Linger On – Fishbone’s Black Flowers

Angelo Moore - Fishbone