Quick Studio Funk with Larry Dunn & Foley

Just a glimpse into the sessions for Foley’s killer 1993 release “7 Years Ago….Directions In Smart-Alec Music” featuring some keyboard love from original EWF player Larry Dunn, with a quick glimpse of GC at the end.

Hey was that Foley playing drums for P-funk last week? He had a hoodie on the whole show and I was waaaay in the back.

I’ve Been Down On Bended Knee – War Launches



Way back in the day, my folks used to rock this album and it was plenty worn out by the time I inherited it.

Life marches on. The funk will survive just like it always does. My granny turns 97 this weekend so I might just be along for the long ride on the blue marble. Perhaps I’ll take up asteroid target practice on the back 40?



All Over The World with Tawl Ross

There was a great album from the rare bird known as Tal (or Tawl, or Lucious, or Detrimental Vasoline) Ross that came out in 1995 called “Giant Shirley”. Tal is the original OG guitar player along with Eddie Hazel in the first Funkadelic lineup but he dropped out of the music scene in 1971 without another single project – until this one in 1995.

There’s a lot of great songs, full of layered guitar and vocal melodies that will make any old Funkadelic head feel right at home. Here’s a little sample:

Live P Always Satisfies

George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars came through my town last Friday night and I managed to grab some tickets right before the sell-out.

Like many times in the past, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the show, given that the lineup continues to change and two of George’s main partners – Garry Shider and Belita Woods – have recently passed, living on the road to the end.

George himself recently went through a metamorphosis, cutting his hair and changing his wardrobe. Rainbows and bedsheets have been replaced by a classic gentleman’s cut, hat, and silver suit. Nice stuff and he looked good.

Like many times in the past, the show exceeded my expectations and I had a funky good time.

The musicians were amazing, the catalog sounded as good as ever, and the setlist even had a few surprises: They rocked on a new arrangement of “Stuffs and Things” for a wonderful 10+ minutes, interspersed with “I Bet You”, and lots of old Clones launched to P-Funk heaven. I was one of them.

Here’s some video from last year that’s similar to what I experienced the other night. If George comes near your abode (and he will) make sure to catch this act as many times as possible. Nothing lasts forever.

Crooked River Vote Strength

99.95% strong and always underestimated by Turd Blossom himself, here’s a look back to the madness of election night on Fox on the night of this State of the Union Address.

Coming soon, Megyn’s walk of shame, but first enjoy Karl Rove spinning his fat head off on the various counties of Ohio as the Obama voters celebrate split-screen:

Then after that awkward bit of republican logic we get to see the leggy Ms. Kelly wobble down through Fox’s frightening offices until finding “the decision desk”, a room where Arnin, Chris Stirewalt, and “these guys behind” are charged with facing reality.

Did you catch how she admitted they rehearsed this bit of newscaster wandering?  People think I’m bullshitting when I say that Ohio has determined many of the recent presidential elections, this one was actually called due to my county.

Electrofunk Rises Again – Classic Midnight Star

What I call electrofunk was hip-hop dance music created in the early 80’s, reflecting and using the first generation of affordable computers to help make this modern sounding music.

Here in 2013 and the most popular music of the moment, “dub-step”, is modern electrofunk mixed with classic house gimmicks, all pushed through so much compression and digital twitching that even a low quality stream of audio will attempt to melt your speakers.


Dubstep makes my ears tired after the first 2 minutes, but classic electrofunk still has enough swagger and songwriting to deliver.

So while I don’t post any dub-step because to my ears it’s production is horrible and ?it uses funk concepts to cover up the A.D.D. composition and lack of instrumentation, I do love some classic electrofunk. Here’s one of the old gems: Midnight Star’s Electricity:

The Early Years – Classic Freekbass


Is 14 years long enough for a song to be called a classic? When you drop some true Ohio funk, sure why not.

Check out this non-LP release from Cinci’s Freekbass and Bootsy, doing the 2YK:


Yo Freekbass!

I’ve been digging through the stacks and have some great old Freekbass that I’m considering mixalixing one night.


If that happens I’ll have to post that up for yallz.



Update: 2016.  Seeing these old Freekbass posts always reminds me of the great times and great people I’ve met through that crew. A few of them have already moved on past earth and it’s important to remember their greatness.


The Great Big Bamn & Freekbass


The legendary Kernel with young Free(k)Bass


Freekbass & The Wizard of Woo, genius Bernie Worrell


The funk will survive just like it always does… play on brotha!

NRA Logic

1 – If a criminal can break a law, then we shouldn’t create that law in the first place.

2 – Your child should have several armed guards watching them at all times.

3 – Your house/apartment, car, and person should be protected by high-caliber handguns displayed openly.

This is the world these NRA people wish to create (or perhaps the hellish world that they already live in?). Continue reading

The Curious Case of W. Axl Rose


It’s been 4 1/2 years, seemingly the right time to revisit something you might have dismissed,  you know, 4 1/2 years ago.

I dismissed this Axl Rose character, thinking for some unspecified reason that he was no longer the powerfully-voiced fighting machine that blew all other rock vocalists off the stage in the late 80’s.

Maybe it was drugs, women, insanity, or some cool rockstar mix of all three that had derailed him, I told myself. After all, Slash is just so cool! All that hair and those beautiful guitars! He was somehow more responsible for the classic GNR in my head. This was bullshit of course, I realize now.

Why this reversal? I finally listened to Chinese Democracy.

Played the whole record, loudly, from top to bottom. Finally. This record’s story and the characters behind it annoyed me so much it took me over 4 years to simply listen to the damn thing.

Continue reading