America Prevails

Supreme Court USA

The Supreme Court decided the ACA (Affordable Healthcare Act), or Obamacare as it’s been called (usually negatively), was in fact legal and constitutional, particularly the mandate that all citizens must be covered somewhere/somehow. To reach this ruling, the high court … Read the rest

Launched and Rolling

Yes yes what a crazy night, what an amazing experience – the Fluxadel 2012 release party was a blast!

UPDATE: Here’s the latest Flickr gallery from the party. I miss the place already…

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Build A Better Nation

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Numerica! Finally

Yeah yeah yeah I know my projects take forever to come out sometimes. I’ve heard that before. I try to make it worth the wait.


So there’s a new 2MERICA LP entitled “Mass Entertainment”, featuring 5 songs of fresh funky … Read the rest

Mobile Crystal Ball


OK, quick hit, how I see the next 2 years playing out in the critical mobile OS area:

Microsoft buys or otherwise takes over Research In Motion and quickly picks up corporate market share by building a direct bridge from … Read the rest

On The Surface


On the surface the new Microsoft tablet announcement is intriguing.

Called “Surface”, it’s going to be made by Microsoft (like Zune and XBox), runs Windows 8, comes with a built in film-keyboard cover and kickstand, and has a standard USB … Read the rest

Introducing The Bernie Worrell Orchestra

New lineup Bernie put together with some different twists. Here they are warming up with a classic Funkadelic jam. Enjoy!

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You Got A Pizza In There

Hey they took my production company name – 1973 New Money Pictures!

The World Is Coming To My Party

Big party, our first eva listening party in a glorious old theater. U there yet? How bout a new LP from 2MERICA featuring Jesus Irizarry, Mistaswift, Jaimeson 7M, and LoCro?

How about new solo Ezraz dub chaos EP? How bout … Read the rest

It’s Not A Bribe, It’s Just A Tip

Double Rainbow – What Does It Mean?

There’s a lot going on with this hard to find soundtrack to the video game “We Love Katamari”. Each track brings something pretty amazing to the set and I had a hard time picking just one to introduce you, but … Read the rest

Properly Kissed


90’s happen and music changes again…

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My First Apple Prediction

Ya right, but it is one of my first published. Just off the top of my head, I’ll post my announcement prediction before they get to announcin’:

  1. iOS 6 will ship this summer. New features include Apple-built mapping with some
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Come On Baby

OK I found this a couple of months late but still the perfect jam. Goofy video, best kind…

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All These Words I Don’t Just Say

Weird cover, they took a 90’s metallica ballad and made it sound like 70’s prog rock ballad with different orchestration and soloing.… Read the rest

Not Like The Others

This band is on my all-time favorites list, but there’s not a ton of youtube stuff on them.

Lonnie Meganut Marshall is the real deal holyfield, a true funk soldier.

Check out this album cut if you haven’t heard it … Read the rest

The Things We Did We Did

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The Breaks Ups It Is


I couldn’t find just the skit, so here’s the whole “Music” episode of UCB. A couple of my bands have been known to break up often so this is a little too real. And nothing better than a phone tone … Read the rest