Pizza Rocket!

Mmmm pizza!

Before Google There Was… Speech

Genre jumping again, I know. Check this funky little thang a few years back from an amazing band that played the music business blues in the nineties then dropped from the scene.



Ok sentimental fools, here in Cleveland we had our own version of the Beatles, or was it Queen? Well anyway, The Raspberries are one of the most underrated bands of the seventies. Check them out tackling this pop classical masterpiece.…

Layup Lines

…and Dre on the Break!!!

My basketball team used to warm up to this track, aw yeah!


Lipstick Kicks

One of my favorite beats and bass lines from the UK reggae punk vibe:


Potus With The Mostest

Very funny. Look at that applause too — don’t see that on the news much do you?

I remember seeing cheering crowds of (white only) flag waving supporters almost every night for President Bush even when his support was at …

Buy An Electric Focus, Get Solar On Your House

Great idea! If you get one of the new Ford Focus Electrics, you can get a rooftop solar array permitted and installed for only $10k!

With the 10k tax credit for buying an electric this whole thing is actually quite …

Mellow Madness

One of the more radical covers, I dig it for sure. Here’s Come As You Are done jazz bassguitar style.…

Why Analog Matters


In reply to a thread on CNet about Record Store Day, I laid out a long reply to the idea that buying vinyl these days is pointless, especially if the artist records digitally. The poster implied that the CD …

Knock Knock On Your Front Door, Guess Who?

Wow Michael Franti has come a long way over the last 20 years. I remember the first time I heard this band, I loved them. A big early influence on 2merica, for sure.


Standing Around Playing Music

Proof that every band I like doesn’t jump around like maniacs — early live performance from the Violent Femmes, circa 1985:

Merging For You

Haha the classical musicians and fans are getting younger than the rock ones! ?Here’s some cool fusion going on between Deep Purple and the London Symphony Orchestra.


Pleasant Valley

I’ve been listening to this playlist lately that contains no one but Chopin & Monk. Then I found this nice jazz rendition of a Chopin piece and I dug it much.

Smart, Very Smart

Building walls based on animal skin. Cool & Smart. We will never run out of better models and better design when looking to nature. Considering that the buildings we build account for over 50% of the pollution we poison ourselves …

Clean Sweepin The Jango


OK so none of our bands have hit the Jango Global Top 10 yet, but we are definitely on a run over at Jango.

Last week, the 4 Flux-adel bands that are on Jango – Roaming Crazy, 2MERICA, …

8 Bit Goodness

I present the first computer I purchased and still a favorite of mine, the 8 bit goodness of the Atari 130xe. Commodore people were everywhere back then (like Windows now), waiting 23 minutes to load a game, but my Atari …

Out Here Trying To Be A Star

Junie doing his thing solo on Westbound before joining up with P-Funk.




Imagine if each tiny little block of something was actually a smart object (meaning it has a CPU, input & output), and that these blocks worked as a group to reposition themselves. Sort of like lego’s that build themselves. Cool

Nothing’s Solid In This Land of Plenty


Great solo debut (after doing 10+ years in The Pharcyde) from Tre Hardson.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Don’t Stop.…

Begin Debate Now

The Beatles vs. Stevie Wonder.

I have no pick, there is no first place. Just thinking out loud, who had a better career, who is more top of line to you…. ?



What It Says About Us

Nailed it. Too much information just waving in the wind, waiting to be exploited over and over again. Screaming to be exploited, just for attention.


It’s Holding Back The Weather

…and the same will let it go

I love these guys. Here they are doing an early hit from a rare american TV performance.


Someone’s vocals are flat, probably a bad monitor mix.

This band rips – Ty Tabor …