Another Lost Gem – Purple Image – Cleveland’s Funkadelic

Cleveland’s Black Rock Legacy: Purple Image. This band was based in the same neighborhood as The Flux-adel Recording Division’s current home, and you might have heard of the Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony, another band from this part of town.

This is Funkadelic-level greatness in 1970. Outstanding!

True lyrics from the east side of Cleveland. You want tough? We know tough.

As a side note to the excellent music, what’s with the word-bending genre divisions going on with music?

This is clearly to me some serious rock and roll, as soulful and heavy as anything I’ve heard. So don’t let color get in the way of your descriptions, just enjoy the beauty and reality of your surroundings.


Stop Using Facebook To Login To Other Sites

If you love or hate Facebook, never visit or live on it – that’s fine by me. Waste your time however you see fit. But please don’t contribute to Facebook ruining the internet as I know it. Using a Facebook login to access other sites is a huge security risk. Big surprise, huh? (same thing with Google+ and other shared-login concepts).

Not only can your private information get stolen by unknown 3rd party ‘advertising’ companies (something you probably don’t care about if you are using Facebook in the first place), but from my perspective, it’s much bigger than that. The issue is not about your indivdual Facebook security, it’s about Facebook’s attempt to become the defacto ‘internet ID’ that we all need to use the world’s information networks.

Some of you might be fine using one profile tied directly to your legal name, your family, your job, and your life as you surf around the world wide web, but this is not how the system was designed and not how it grew to such prominence. Anonymity, or at least misdirection, is an important part of information sharing on the internet.

The only way to stop a bandwagon is to jump off it. It might still crash and burn down the road with some riders, but you’ll be safe and sound with just small scratches.

So don’t use your Facebook login to interact with other sites. Doing so will ultimately kill the original purpose of the internet and turn the whole thing into a big, even less secure, Facebook. Not to mention all of your posts, likes, and views during all of your browsing exploits — even that one night where you drank that whole bottle! — will be available for future employers to review. Think about it.

A single internet ID, controlled by anyone (Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.) ?will kill the internet. Do not kill the internet.

Tech Titans

Market speak for computer companies during my geek-life:

My first glance:

IBM = titans, Microsoft = nerds, Apple = hippies, Atari = artists

My High school years:

IBM = clumsy old titans, Microsoft = business nerds, Apple = misguided hippies & artists, Atari = dead

My College years:

IBM = business nerds, Microsoft = titans, Apple = hippies on life support, NeXT = futurists


My 20’s:

IBM = researchers, Microsoft = clumsy old titans, Apple = colored plastic iMachines, NeXT = artists, Be = futurists

My 30’s:

IBM = futurists, Microsoft = business school, Apple = titans & artists, NeXT & Be = long gone

My point? I’ve seen most of these companies grow, shrink, dominate, follow, and some even disappear.

It’s been a wild ride to watch, and as Apple sits seemingly at the top of the mountain again (arguably the first time since 1978) I felt the need to show this cyclic nature.

You younger geeks out there can perhaps get a little context.

Creepy Commerce

OK I’ve been ranting about this possibility for about three years now, and this is actually the primary reason why I have avoided Facebook: Walmart just bought their way into your Facebook ‘timeline’ data. Yep, all of your life’s most precious (or not) moments, ready to be exploited by corporate america’s computers. I bet we are right around the corner from the day where your posting on facebook triggers direct contact from several ‘friends’ selling you ‘personalized’ products commemorating your amazing moment that just happened.

Complete digital masturbation circle jerks, coming soon, exploding all over your facebook, suckers!


Art & Commerce

If enough people stop paying for a product it will cease to be made on a sufficient enough scale to be a product. Sponsored content is paid for in-part by the sponsors, so if you watch your video and listen to your music with commercials inserted, fear not.

But if you constantly grab free copies of music, movies, and software that were not meant by their creators to be free, you really need to reconsider your behavior. This site is free to you so read on… Continue reading

Rare P-Funk Ditty

This one didn’t make it out whenever they made it, but ended up on one of the rarities collections: Check it out, it’s “Stink Finger”, one of the smoothest little p-funk jams i’ve heard in a bit.

This track is part the new playlist I’m making of P-Funk rarities and randoms. We’ll have a gallery on soon, but until then check it at the tube: Rare a P’s


Spring I Beckon You

It’s the dreary days of Winter here, where it’s either grey and cold or white and colder outside. Every couple of days, for an hour or two, the sun pokes through but it doesn’t excite much since everything outside is dead and everything in here is fighting to bother to stay alive.

But I know the power of the sun and I know the persistence of the flowers. So here ya go, something to get excited about in your near future: Only a few more weeks until we can be sitting someplace just like this:


How long until I can be doing this? (Image from BicycleTimesMag)