More Apps About Buildings & Food

Check out David Byrne’s fake iPhone apps, very cool. I actually found this link as live Talking Heads was streaming. We have converged.

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When Will The People?

The power and strength of the original Parliaments, backed by the young Funkadelics, recorded properly…. yummy.


Another Lost Gem – Purple Image – Cleveland’s Funkadelic

Cleveland’s Black Rock Legacy: Purple Image. This band was based in the same neighborhood as The Flux-adel Recording Division’s current home, and you might have heard of the Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony, another band from this part of town.…

Stop Using Facebook To Login To Other Sites

If you love or hate Facebook, never visit or live on it – that’s fine by me. Waste your time however you see fit. But please don’t contribute to Facebook ruining the internet as I know it. Using a Facebook

Tech Titans

Market speak for computer companies during my geek-life:

My first glance:

IBM = titans, Microsoft = nerds, Apple = hippies, Atari = artists

My High school years:

IBM = clumsy old titans, Microsoft = business nerds, Apple = misguided hippies …

My First Oh Em Gee

in quite a while….. Get a load of this:




The Simple Charm of Music Videos

It’s ezTV – if music television just played music! Like a ghost in the machine, ezTV gives you that retro video vibe without the B-list celebrity nostalgia.

There are hours of old-school fun on ezTV!?

Creepy Commerce

OK I’ve been ranting about this possibility for about three years now, and this is actually the primary reason why I have avoided Facebook: Walmart just bought their way into your Facebook ‘timeline’ data. Yep, all of your life’s …

Old School Or New Thing?

Further proof that all music is joined by a common thread that extends through space, time, and frame of mind: Social Distortion doing an acoustic in-studio. What year is this ? 1990? 2010? 1960? Love it.

Art & Commerce

If enough people stop paying for a product it will cease to be made on a sufficient enough scale to be a product. Sponsored content is paid for in-part by the sponsors, so if you watch your video and listen …

Solar Panel Breakthrough

Solar panel made with ion cannon is cheap enough to challenge fossil fuels. Good news on the alternative power front — anything to help us get some nearly free energy.

Seems to me that anything that gets us using …

It’s Always About The Music

Except when it’s not.

Can You Spare A P?

Can You Spare A P?

Rare P-Funk Ditty

This one didn’t make it out whenever they made it, but ended up on one of the rarities collections: Check it out, it’s “Stink Finger”, one of the smoothest little p-funk jams i’ve heard in a bit.

This track is …

Money That’s What I Want

Wow look at this rare gem, two legendary performers hamming it up for TV. All good!


Spring I Beckon You

It’s the dreary days of Winter here, where it’s either grey and cold or white and colder outside. Every couple of days, for an hour or two, the sun pokes through but it doesn’t excite much since everything outside is …