Progress, Washington, Same Sentence


Obama just did this: More than doubled the required average fleet MPG by 2025 for US automakers.

Lots of info there —basically each car company has a range of vehicles. Those vehicles all have a miles per gallon score. … Read the rest

They Predicted My Daily Existence 45 Years Ago

Who sits around all day staring blankly into a variety of screens pushing buttons, generally spending the day watching video, browsing pointless crap, and viewing how far in debt they are?

Who does that? C’mon it’s 2011.

We do that … Read the rest

Fun With Cameras

See how the iPhone 4’s camera manages to capture guitar strings being played.

The strings don’t actually look like that when filmed in super slo-mo — the cool waveform patterns are caused by the iPhone’s shutter rolling through the frame … Read the rest

“I am inventing electricity… and you look like an asshole”

Unsung Ohio Players

Through the magic of video production, a great overview of my favorite funk band of all time:





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134 Years and Counting…

Scientists Play World’s Oldest Commercial Record


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Stop Calling Me Old! And Get Off My Lawn You Damn Kids!

1st Atari releases it’s retro video game pack for the iPad, containing most of their original stand-up games ported to the iOS.

Then someone mocks up an iPad-to-arcade kit for April Fools Day. Wouldn’t that be cool? Yay Photoshop and … Read the rest