The Pressure Is On, or Why I Decided To Record An Entire Album In One Weekend

I’ve produced quite a few songs at this point for a variety of artists and styles. I’ve also released many of my own productions – countless hours in the dark studio clicking, sliding, and space bar-ing my life away.

This spring is time for a change, a new challenge: Roaming Crazy is going to record an entire album in a weekend marathon recording session, and we are going to film the whole ordeal for a documentary.


See, this is how we live. Being an independent artist in the 21st century is a strange existence, one that never seems to be documented besides the content of the creation itself. This challenge is the largest the band has ever faced, and the largest this producer has ever faced.

In short, there will plenty of opportunity for drama and fun so we are bringing a camera crew with us through the journey.

(BTW – I do hate most reality TV, so I’m going to be uncomfortable with the cameras around, but I think there is an excellent story to be told so I’m gonna go along.)

The plan is to make the best Roaming Crazy album we can in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest budget. This will not be 1-mic in the corner rehearsal punk rock stuff, this will be a full Flux-adel Multi-track Production. We will be using every bit of our resources in the name of ART and ROCK AND ROLL, amen!


Plus there’s a little addition — YOU could be in the documentary. We are looking for recorded opinions on our chances, reviews of our song and sound, or whatever you want to send/post. Turn your camera phone on and sound off.

Ever heard of a band doing this? Think it’s a horrible idea? Need your gorgeous face in our goofy documentary? Just want to send best wishes? Here’s your chance.

  • ezzy

    Update – half way there! The technical end of things has been coming together. We did some upgrades to our recording rig, and am making the few cable purchases needed to wire this fiasco up.

    We haven’t had a rehearsal in forever since people have been travelling so the musical end of things is starting to freak me out a bit. But we perform best under pressure so it will come together.

    The documentary has started in earnest, and we are still wanting some friend/fan video. Can only look at our faces for so long!

    That’s the update for now. If u want the real story behind the scenes you’ll have to wait for the movie.

  • ezzy

    Update number 2 — 2 months from this post — back from a family vacation and getting this monster rolling again. i love it, it’s a huge project and everyone seems on board with doing something very special this summer.

    we are getting good footage of the planning and the stresses and the laughs.

    we need more footage from whoever about whatever, as long as it somehow relates to this band, this music that we make, or the way in which we make it. so hit record people!

    once there’s a date set i will do a new post, but until then you’ll have to wait for the movie to see the drama!

  • OK we didn’t do an entire album in one weekend, we rented an old theater with no heat and we tried doing 3 songs over a frozen winter weekend. It was a challenge.

    We finished one song “Sing Too” and the remnants of the other 2 will forever be in the can. You can hear and buy “Sing Too” as a single at and band camp.

  • Uh oh.
    #PeopleAreSaying Roaming Crazy has something in the can?
    In the cube?
    Ez true, cohorts.
    In honor of Don John “King Pimp” trump
    Burned Out Bright will live.
    Let’s be Frank. This band didn’t get a fair shake. Sad!