The Day I Cut The Cord

I hate TV. I watch too much TV. How much? Anything more than an hour a day equals too much. I can get a weeks worth of sitting around done in one lazy night in front of the the TV. I always said If I just wrote/played music or worked on my other projects instead of watching the boob tube then Hello Productivity!

Plus nowadays, I just turn off the TV to end up on Netflix, Hulu, or watching a DVD for another couple hours. So I’ve finally done something I’ve wanted to do for years — yes, today the man is coming to shut OFF my cable.

It’s called “capping the line” according to my friendly cable company rep, who’s voice dropped to a silent defeat when I told him I want to keep my broadband and get rid of the cable package. He must have known from my cheap package and the tone of my voice that I wasn’t going to be talked out of it.



I think I’ve lived with cable about 29 of the past 30 years so it will be an adjustment for sure. I’ll have to report back after a few months.

But for now, today is the big day, February 2011, goodbye Pawn Stars. Goodbye Top Chef. Goodbye Operacion Repo. Goodbye Sportscenter. Goodbye Daily Show and Colbert. Goodbye Chelsea Lately. Goodbye Tosh.O. Goodbye anything else that I can’t find (or won’t bother to watch) on the internet.

If I can survive this cold-turkey I’ll probably end up with Apple TV and an iPad sharing more media than ever before to every room in my house. But at least it will be things selected by me, and my preferred* ‘promotional messages’ will be selected by me also.

*yeah right

Messed Around and Made a Rock Band


We are ROAMING CRAZY and we are alive online here (and sorta here so far). You can stream our debut track “Stares 2020” and soon enough purr-chase it. I am twiddling knobs and playing some keys in this lineup and it’s been a blast trying to make some fresh sounds. It ain’t what most would call the funk but life is just so complex, I had to get my rocks off!


Being the weird post-everything music industry that it is, we have more merchandise than songs available. Killer! Head over to the Roaming Crazy Store to see our new sexy shirt models, you won’t be disappointed.

Hurts So Bad

Sometimes you have to lose big to win in the end. Clean slate. Binge and purge. How low can you go? There is no tomorrow. It seems like it can’t get any worse than this:

The sun will come up tomorrow, tomorrow

I have to admit, it kinda feels right having the rest of the country mocking and simplifying our local issues again. ‘Lebron left and the rest of the team is horrible’ goes the line. Too bad that’s not really the truth. This team currently has 2 players suited up left over from the Lebron years, and LBJ screwed them so hard with the way he handled his decision that it could take years to get back to being a contender.

There’s also the forgotten fact that there is serious labor trouble coming for the NBA this off-season, forcing a majority of the league to completely shut down player transactions this season due to the fear of union renegotiations coming soon. The Cavs started this year with a mish-mash team with little offensive talent, and have been completely handcuffed from starting any rebuilding this season. So it’s lose time, and then go out and lose lose lose lose some more. Hard to watch but so is 2 feet of snow and 10 degrees, again.

Going from first to worst almost never happens in sports, but Cleveland has always had a flair for the dramatic (especially in the failure department!). Kinda feels like the natural order is restored and my underdog status is secure. I’ve been divorced and I know how to recover – better, stronger, faster.

Lebron ain’t won anything yet. The challenge still stands. Go Cadavers!