Waiting for Spring


Spring in Switzerland

I feel like I know all of the hairs on my face.

Not in a friendly way. I am their overlord, waiting and reviewing constantly for a whisker to in-grow.

Acceptance of Visual Addiction

OMG OMG OMG New 2merica video! 


Electric Sports Bra. Thank you. Sorry.

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Vidya vidya vidya !!!

Another winter week, another video. This one features all original artwork from the President of the Bored of Directors for 2MERIC@RP himself, Jaimeson “7m”:

You make me stay inside and quiet, mother nature and neighbors, and you get no bike

technology lets me…

..post while tracking. Nice, very nice. Finally got the wifi working down at The Flux-adel Recording Division! Hopefully this doesn’t cut into our productivity (er what productivity). But anyway right now as I type this we are tracking and I …

A Rollerskating Jam (not named Saturday)

It’s only Wednesday but it’s 61 degress and sunny on the Northside of 2MERICA, so it’s time for some rollerskating!


Check the moves on this video for our song Male Performance Issues.

I’m off to buy some new wheels

Words for a Nearly Spring Weekend

I have been dragging ass through February but March is here and it looks like we might have all survived another winter. Time to rock and roll for sure. I had two songs on the iPod the last couple of …

The Modern Dance live, aka Dream Show Friday night!

If you would have hit me on the head hard enough to convince me I was talking to a music genie, and that genie convinced me he was able to grant me wishes, one of those wishes might have resembled

A Very Special Episode from 2merica

WE HAD TO HIT THE REMIX button for some youtube love. More 2merica visualizations, this one featuring a hot track from the 2nd LP called “Extraordinary Rendition”.

Turn it up and let it rip: