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arey+motion+photo++A+human+figure+in+a+black+suit+painted+with+white+stripes+jumps+through+the+airSo I broke down and had to do a promo version of the new 2merica single on CD. I was trying to stay digital only on the single, and then put the whole LP out with 5 tracks and full packaging goodness on all relevant formats, but the best laid plans of mice and men….

Seriously I just go with the flow on this stuff. And since “Never Met Tomorrow” is the hottest track I’ve ever produced (that’s been released yet, hasa!) I am down with printing a few hard copies for eternity’s landfill. The CD is still barely holding on as the standard format so I’ll play along. Plus DiscMakers is finally doing short-run for a reasonable price!

The point here is if you are looking for a hard copy for radio or other promotions, and you are too cheap to buy one from cdbaby, I can ship you one of these extra special rare promo only releases in about 2 weeks. Gonna put this track “Never Met Tomorrow” out there a bit, see if anyone bites. Have you heard it yet?

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2010 :: 5 souls, 1 night :: who will survive?
Never Met Tomorrow :: the hottest 2merica yet

2merica: Never Met Tomorrow

2007 :: Panfunktual Bonobos :: Alive In the Sugar Triangle
Stretch out your Sensors & Switches & Buttons

2merica: Sensors & Switches & Buttons

2005 :: Half Truth Half Consequence :: We Are Everywhere You Are
The classic debut mess-tastic masterpiece :: Record Profits?

2merica: Record Profits


If you knew us back in the day you might have gotten all three of the above in the ultra-rare 2MERICA Box Set:


Hard Copy What?

So I’m a bit surprised to see that a small percentage of music services (radio, blogs, other promotional media) continue to want submissions of physical cd’s and press kits.

Jerry Mail

They seem to do all of their music related business online, but when it comes to adding you to a playlist some still want a hard copy shipped to them regardless of what digital format you have already provided.

It doesn’t make much sense to me, other than to think these types still want freebies, or they just continue to work in a very pre-digital way. Maybe they hold stock in FedEx.
I will never attempt to get rid of physical formats but I’m surprised this is still a requirement some places. I love getting something physical, with vinyl being my favorite. I see the benefits of most formats.
But we are talking promo here, indie style, and forcing printing costs on artists, when not needed is silly (especially in this economy, thanks W!).

Scary new 2merica video online now!

Hey blogadelics — guess what there’s gonna be lots of 2merica on the Youtube! We just debuted a new video for a track from our 2nd album. Peep it:

The song is called “The New Guest Who…” and is the intro to LP#2, “Sensors & Switches & Buttons”. Youtube is a killer platform for watching but if you really like the track please buy the song online somewhere. We do notice ;-).
Oh yeah, the video is frightening but you’ll have to watch it to learn why.

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Online clicks and traffic — the new radio?

Since commercial radio is another world, almost completely inaccessible to independent artists, has the internet completely replaced it by this point?
Are clicks, views, plays, comments, reviews, and general traffic building online the new version of requests and radio buzz?

I’m not sure because I don’t have any stats correlating radio plays to record sales in the old days. But I know that it feels as though the mass communication of music is over and we are all searching for that narrow market of people that patronize our art.

The Merch Shop (has not been forgotten)

FYI- There’s a collection of 2merica and merchandise for sale at our Merch Store. You can rock some funky gear, something custom and homespun (by alcoholic bull-weevils ).

Also, the new 2merica video is up on youtube and getting some positive responses so far. Check it out on Channel Ezrazski:


New 2merica video! View now…