decades of fun

Roll With The Punches

Our IDIOT President has over 50k dead that he won’t acknowledge. He still finds ways to brag at that moment. Our finest asshole ever = our worst moment ever. He also advocates crazy person who never actually passed a science class stuff like getting sunlight inside your body, or perhaps disinfectant inside your lungs, to fight this chinese attack virus that isn’t any worse than the flu, dies in sunlight, and can also be fought wth fish tank solution, wait…. what’s the bullshit line this week?

Crazy times folks. Protect and defend your mental and physical health, your family’s mental and physical health, your job, your home, and we can get through this regardless of Trump Inc. trying to crash America like most of his past projects.

Many have been warning for years – Everything Trump Touches Dies. So let’s outlive this bastard and prove that wrong.

This dude is like a bad tumor. Can we remove it without killing the patient? Let’s hope.

So we need hope, folks. We need great music.

We need our souls to stay awake. Perhaps to awaken more.

We need the O’Jays.

Let Life Flow.
Put it in Drive.
Come Alive.

Wisdom and a hot groove from the O’Jays.

I come from some reclusive folks in my bloodline, so at first this whole lockdown thing was not a big deal for me. My job is shaky but in some weird ways the reset was welcomed. But it’s been, I don’t know, a month or more, hard to remember, since I’ve had a social event or human contact outside of my family. It’s getting into very strange times.

I worry for all the people that can’t cope with this much change. I know that waves of starvation are starting to creep up around the world and will continue. Always remember it can be far worse than being bored in your comfortable home with a full fridge and the internet.

For instance, your boy here has probably started about 30 new songs since getting the WFH order. Surviving this pandemic could be very profitable for my artistic output.

Music in the form of WFNK Radio HD & records, music reaction videos, stand up comedy, old movies, this stuff is getting me through. Oh and old basketball games, free on NBA TV.

But I know people who have lost family members to this rogue bug and the incompetence we all knew was at the top of our government has been exposed and people are dying and the country I love is being changed forever.

Stay strong funky friends. We will all be out and socializing again soon. Smarter, stronger, and hopefully with the absurdist Trump Reality TV Show in our rear-view mirror.