decades of fun

New Town, Same Goal: Publish

I recently moved across the country with my family. This was a huge task and required a giant leap of faith. We jumped up and love it.

In Cleveland and Cincinnati, my ethos as an artist was to publish mightily.  Create it, finesse it, register it, distribute it, market it. Then move on. It’s now for and of the world.

This led me to produce and distribute something like 9 releases in 7 years for the artists 2MERICA, Roaming Crazy, Winnie Rose, The Stares 20/20, and my solo Ezraz works. But it’s been 4 years since we’ve put anything out.

Finally, the tide is turning….. the floodgates are ….(opening?)…. um will this thing even start? Self-promotion still sucks.


1 – Roaming Crazy Clothing and Life

We are so proud to be part of the new lifestyle brand Roaming Crazy, launched with the band of the same name. Cool gear, some band swag, guitar accessories, sunglasses, and bags. Everything you need to live Roaming Crazy.

2 – Ezraz: Dragonfly Milk LP coming soon

It’s finally off to the presses! An Ezraztic full length LP will hit the internet any week now. There’s nothing like Dragonfly Milk for your ears. It combines the last 5 years of Ezraz works into one monumental release.

3 – New site coming soon

Our creation label hub site has been down for a minute but will soon rise again, featuring direct hearing and buying of our releases and our master mailing list. As soon as domains get repointed and all that, it will be live.

4 – The La Salle Art & Media Center (full post coming soon)

About 10 years ago I joined a group of people working to restore a hidden gem in my neighborhood. We were honored to present a plan that became a fully-funded reality and is now open for business. The 90 year old Lasalle Theater is where we recorded Roaming Crazy and other Flux-adel acts and it has now been fully restored into the La Salle Art & Media Center. Amazing!

Also lots of new music ready to pop out of the can — The Travels of Crooked Lip Jak, El Scorpion (finally!), even new Ezraz tapescursions. Yep, things are looking up for this old dog.