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A Star Is Born

The kid’s pretty good.

I told everyone who asked. Admittedly, not many, as I’ve recently moved from the Rust Belt to the Front Range.

The kid’s pretty damn good.

I was OK with Baker Mayfield sitting for a few games. But it became clear very quickly that Tyrod Taylor was not more than safe Buffalo outcast material… not the kind of player to get in the way of greatness for very long.

I hope Tyrod is OK. I hope he accepts his demotion once returning from injury.

This is Baker time. A star is born.

A team of after-school scriptwriters couldn’t have created a more cheesy plot.

But it played out as intended. Baker is the real deal. Throws a bullet. Makes smart choices. Makes the team move.

Scores almost every time.

Darnold, on the other hand, looked like a confused first year guy that might end up an OK quarterback. But he has a noodle arm and looks slow compared to Baker.

The Brownies are Back Baby!   After so many false prophets the new savior is here.

Baker’s Town.